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Here are my links to other beer pages. I won't claim that this is a definitive list of the web's very best. It's just stuff that has interested, amused or informed me. I've tried to include only those which contain real information, i.e are not just a series of links to other pages.

I know that I should update it more than I do. But I do have other demands on my time that prevent me from surfing 16 hours a day. If your life lacks such restrictions, feel free to email me the results of year research. Or if you think your own page is totally groovy.

The links are ordered mostly, but not entirely, by country. I'm sure you're intelligent enough to work out which aren't. Usually, the country of origin determines where I place a link. Some pages concentrate exclusively on a single country. Others discuss more general beer-related topics, in varying degrees of depth and accuracy. (A word of warning: people, such as myself, writing about a country they may only have visited for 45 minutes while changing trains, are apt to talk utter bollocks.)

I'm glad the time I spent commuting wasn't totally wasted. The languages I tought myself to read on crappy, slam-door Southern region trains and countless other forms of (mostly geriatric) public transport have started to come in dead handy. You may have missed out on a prestigious London Transport education yourself. Which is why I've marked links to pages not in English like this: In German only. (Though obviously if the page is in Swedish, it'll say "In Swedish only". At least if I remembered to add a warning. I may have missed a couple.) I assume that you can read English. If you can't, I admire your persistence in getting this far.

Beer and Brewing Resources
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Beer and Brewing Resources

General Beer Links

  • Passport to the Pub: A guide to British pub etiquette: A fascinating online book describe the unwritten rules of British pubs. Despite the book's claimed parochial scope, much of the behaviour described can be observed in Prague, Bamberg, Antwerp or Amsterdam.
    Here's a piece of great advice :
    "Whether you are male or female, and whatever the sex or social background of your native companions, the words “It’s my round – what are you having?” will always be appreciated as a friendly gesture. This line may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language."
    Published by the Social Issues Research Centre. (An impressive-sounding organisation I [sort of] hope is just a few blokes down a pub.)
  • Inside Beer Jeff Evan's new site. "Follow Jeff on his visits to the great breweries of the world, learn about the finest beers, find recommendations for the best pubs and bars, meet fascinating people involved in the business, have facts and figures at your fingertips."
  • Central Europe's New Breweries: Paul Harrop's excellent and comprehensive guide to brewpubs and micros in Europe's brewing heartland. It covers Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, and Switzerland.
  • Modern Drunkard Magazine: Hey, kids, try to drink responsibly.
  • Lose that Beer Gut without Giving up Beer: A complete homebrew guide to losing that beer gut without giving up beer. Wonderful concept. Brilliant Churchill quote.
  • Beer Tutor: beer ratings, beer forum, news articles and much more. I love the quotes from famous drunkards at the top of the page.
  • Real Beer Page: You've probably already seen 2,000 links to this, but it is an excellent online beer magazine. Lots of interesting stuff.
  • RateBeer An excellent site with descriptions - and ratings, of course - of hundreds of thousands of beers.
  • Celebrator Beer News: Homepage of the American magazine Celebrator Beer News. A very useful feature is the search of back issues, which they have online.
  • Beertown Homepage of the Association of Brewers, an organisation representing American home- and micro-brewers.
  • All About Beer Magazine: The website of one of the USA's leading beer publications. It has extensive links to other beer resources.
  • American Brewery History Page: All sorts of interesting historical information about American breweries.
  • BeerBooks.Com: An online shop specialising in beer books.
  • Regional Beer Guides. Pub guides to a variety of European towns and regions.
  • Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter Page: Beer travel, brewery and beer reviews, beer styles and articles about every aspect of beer from the world's leading writer on the subject.
  • The Beer Church: A page dedicated to Californian craft beer. It includes a page for ordering Californian beer online,
  • Global Beer Network Homepage The site of an American importer of Belgian beers. It contains some commercial blurbs about what they are flogging but, to its credit, does also include useful general information about Belgium and its beer.
  • World Pub Guide: as the name of the site says, a guide to pubs in various place around the world, including London, Cornwall, Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Lille, New York, San Franciso, Portland and many more.
  • White Beer Travels: a site stuffed with useful information for beer drinkers who travel. It includes detailed guides to many beer destinations in Europe.
  • Beer 4 U: a site with hundreds of beer links.
  • Skol International: a list of all the breweries in Africa and some beer-related statistics.

Collectors' Pages

Beer Book Sellers

  • Beer Inn Print A UK site with hundreds of beer books, postcards and posters.
  • Beer Books An extensive American site selling beer books, magazines, T-shirts and posters.
  • Liquid Literature Beer, wine and whisky books. It has a selection of reprinted old brewing manuals.
  • Raudins Publishing An American publisher that issues reprints of 18th and 19th brewing texts.
  • De Bier Boom A Dutch site selling a range of beer books, with an emphasis on the Benelux.
  • Beer Literatuur Not so much a site selling books as one listing them An enormous catalogue of books about beer in the Dutch language.

Beer Tours

  • Bier-Mania! A beer tour company based close the Dutch/Belgian/German borders.
  • White Beer Travels John White offers tours to most of Europe´s interesting beer destinations. His site also provies much useful information for the independent beer traveller.
  • Czech Beer Tours Let Libor Vojácek guide you around some of the Czech Rpeublic´s smaller and more interesting breweries.
  • Amsterdam Beer Tours The easiest way to experience the best of Amsterdam's pubs: let someone guide you to them. It's a tough job, but one I'm prepared to undertake.


  • Biere und Brauereien Oberösterreichs Guide to the breweries in Oberösterreich. In German only.
  • Brauereiführer A guide to all the breweries in Austria. In German only.
  • Lokale in Wien Guide to pubs and restaurants in Vienna. Not particularly beer orientated, but has lots of places listed. In German only.
  • Conrad Seidl Homepage of Conrad Seidl, the foremost Austrian beer writer. Knows what he's talking about (unlike some).
  • Kampagne für Gutes Bier Homepage of an Austrian beer consumer's group.
  • Netbeer Austrian online beer magazine. It includes articles about the central European beer scene and plenty of links.
  • Brauereienverband Österrreich Homepage of the Austrian brewers' association. Lists all the Austrian breweries. In German only.
  • Bierführer Österreich Extensive listings of beer pubs and breweries in Austria. In German only.


  • PINTernet Homepage of PINT, the Dutch beer consumers' organisation and full of useful information about the Dutch beer scene.
  • Benelux Biergids Guide to beer in Benelux by the legendary Peter Crombecq. Definitive, complete and accurate. One of the top sites.
  • Trappist Beer site Dedicated to the 6 Trappist monasteries - has very good images of old labels and beermats.
  • De Biersite Lots of stuff on Dutch breweries and beer pubs. In Dutch only.
  • Zeeuwse bierbrouwerijen info on breweries in Zeeland. In Dutch only.
  • Ed's BierpaginaMostly links, but a few homebrew recipes, too. In Dutch only.
  • Boersma's Beer PageA huge list of links to beer pages. Not a great deal of original content, but a good place to find links.
  • Zuipen in Utrecht Guide to pubs in Utrecht.
  • Amsterdamse Kroegen Encyclopedie! Homepage of the book which lists every pub in Amsterdam.In Dutch only.
  • Cheap Beer: A guide to the price of beer in Amsterdam pubs.


  • BiereMAGCanadian online beer magazine. In French only.
  • The Canadian Beer IndexThe Real Beer Page's Canadian Beer Index, the mostcomplete source of information about Canadian beer, breweries and brewpubs (or so they claim).

Czech Republic




  • French Beer. The web version of "The Beers of France" and "The Beers of Wallonia" books. Up-to-date and very informative. An excellent site.
  • le Monde de la BIEREA French beer page which currently seems to be mostly under construction.
  • The Paris Beer GuideA fairly extensive guide to beer pubs in Paris. Has most of the information necessary for a pub crawl: except the opening times.
  • Brasseries Franciases - details of all the breweries currently active in France. In French only.





United Kingdom

  • Great British Beer Someone has spent an awful lot of time putting together this page. It's a searchable database of British breweries and their beers.
  • Beer Gutter Press The site of CAMRA Newark (my hometown) branch. Ha s a useful list of all the pubs ever to have existed in the town.
  • London's Virtual Real Ale Pub GuideAs the title says, a guide to real ale pubs in London.

Other Countries

Beer Consumer Organisations

Brewer's Organisations

Commercial Organisations

  • Thirstys The homepage of a specialist beermat and coaster manufacturer.
  • BestBeer will deliver Belgian beer to your door.

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