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Amsterdam Pubs
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The pubs of Amsterdam
Amsterdam has an absolute stack of pubs - 1200 of them for only 700,000 of us. (I don't mean to rub it in, but I'm lucky enough to be a resident of the Birmingham of Holland, as no-one calls it.) I make that one pub for every 583 people.

You can't possibly expect me to describe them all, and I'm not going to. This is my selection. Arbitrary, bigoted, left-handed - these adjectives, and more, appear in the English dictionary. Where was I? - objective, inclusive, perfect (see previous note).

Some said I was a crazy taking the arduous task of compiling this guide upon myself. "Aaaaaaaggh mmnnnnnnngggggg" was my reply. Any subsequent ordeals, I underwent willingly. Just remember this: if you make no use of these pages, my boys will have suffered in vain. Do you want the anguish of those tender young souls on your conscience? Do you?

The dynamic nature of a modern post-industrial economy means that my research will never end. Pub openings (and pub closures) require me to spend long hours researching in bars. At least that's what I tell everyone.

Sadly, the choice of beer in Amsterdam doesn't match the number of its pubs. Many bars (though, happily a diminishing number) still only sell a single beer - draught pils. In a British or Belgian pub you can expect to find a minimum of 10-15 beers on sale. In Amsterdam, students and yuppies will be your drinking companions if you've got a choice that big. Here's a thought to bear in mind: more 90% of all beer sold in the Netherlands is pils. If you take this fact into consideration, the beer selection offered by Amsterdam's pubs doesn't look quite so mean.

These are the pubs that I would recommend you visit in Amsterdam. Not the best, the oldest, the trendiest, or the ones with the most or best beer. No. These are where I would take you, should you say:"Do you know a decent pub?". This is my choice of bars and pubs selling at least one beer worth drinking. Usually more. Beers that is. Unless it's a pub I like. And there's loads of them I like for no discernible reason. You work it out.

More general information on Amsterdam, its pubs and the beers they sell . . .

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