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I used to describe Danish brewing as " little pond, inhabited by one great white shark and the odd sardine". A microbrewery explosion in the new millennium has rendered my description obselete. Denmark has one of the most dynamic and exciting beer cultures in Europe.

A decade ago, the situation was pretty grim. Denmark's big two (Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew) had their hands tightly around drinkers' throats. The few remaining independent breweries were being slowly whittled away. It seemed the Bryggeriforeningen would soon be able to hold meetings in a phone box.

The founding of Danske Ølentusiaster in 1998 proved to be a turning point. That they have been able to recruit 11,000 members in less than a decade says everything about their enthusiasm and commitment. They have brought microbrewed beer into the Danish mainstream.

At first the emphasis was much on imported beer from Europe's brewing heartlands: Belgium, Britain, the Czech Republic, Germany. But as interest in quality beer grew, a few brave pioneers began brewing professionally. Their success encouraged others. The number of breweries more than trebled in just 10 years.

New breweries continue to pop up with remarkable frequency. I'm updating this page almost weekly. But more important than their mere existence, is the willingness of these newcomers to experiment. A staggering range of styles is brewed: British, Belgian, German, Czech, American. Not necessarily all in one brewery, though there are some who do appear to be going for a full set. It's hard to believe that there was once little else than bland, pale lager.

Even arch pils-purveyors Carlsberg have built their own microbrewery and turn out an Abbbey Dubbel, American-style IPA, Imperial Barley Wine and a Brown Ale, amongst others. You don't see many globalists with a portfolio like that (well not under their own name - these really are branded Carlsberg).

Dozens of styles and hundreds of craft beers are brewed in Denmark. Danes should be proud of this incredible transformation of their national drink. It's a story that gives me a real sense of optimism about what can be achieved elsewhere.

Danish brewing industry
Danish beer styles
Danish beer statistics
Danish Breweries
Faroe Breweries
Greenland Breweries

The Danish brewing industry
The rapid expansion of the microbrewing sector has given Denmark a very respectable number of breweries, when compared to its population.

A very high proportion - around a third - of beer brewed in Denmark is exported. It's mostly Carlsberg, of course. Relatively tiny amounts - somewhere around 2% of consumption - are imported.

Carlsberg (through their takeover of Pripps of Sweden and Ringnes of Norway) has near total control of the Nordic beer market. You can't imagine that they would misuse such power, can you?

The current number of active breweries is 92 (plus 11 contract brewers). (quite impressive - remember there are only 5 million Danes. It's the equivalent of 1100 breweries in the UK). They break down as follows:

Brewery No. Details
Carlsberg/Tuborg 3 Has two breweries in Copenhagen (one a microbrewery) and one in Fredericia. The company also owns Pripps in Sweden and Ringnes in Norway. The Wiibroe brewery was closed in 1998 and the Tuborg brewery in 1999. The original Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen is also scheduled for closure.
In 2003 Carlsberg's share of the Danish market was around 75%.
Royal Unibrew A/S (formerly Bryggerigruppen A/S) 4 Albani, Ceres, Faxe, Maribo. It also owns Kalnapils and Vilniaus Tauras in Lithuania,Lacplesa Alus in Latvia and Browary Polskie Brok-Strzelec S.A in Poland. Cains of Liverpool was recently sold on. In 2004 the group's total sales were 4,770,000 hl (1,799,000 hl in Denmark, 878,000 hl Germany, 629,000 Lithuania, 482,000 hl Italy)
Independents 6 Fuglsang, Hancock, Harboe, Refsvindinge, Thisted, Vestfyen.
Brewpubs 28 Apollo, Sct Clemens, Flakhaven, Herning (all owned by the same company), Svaneke Bryghus, Fur, Nørrebro and Søgaards Bryghus.
Microbreweries 51 Brøckhouse, Grauballe, Wintercoat, Skands, Herslev, Ørbæk,Troldhede any many more. It's a sign of the microbrewing scene's health that there are now too many to list.
Contract brewers 11 Most new breweries buy brewing kit as soon as they start..

These figures do not include The Faroes, which has one independent brewery of their own. Nor Greenland, which also has 3 breweries.

Of the breweries active in 2006, 66 were founded after 1990, 62 after 2000. Here's some more detail:

Year number of new breweries
2000 3
2001 0
2002 1
2003 3
2004 12
2005 20
2006 24 (up to December 2006)
total 62
My own calculation.
Brewers' Organisations
As in many countries, the decline of the traditional brewing branch and the rise of microbreweies has provoked unrest in the trade organisation. Many of the newcomers resent the way the established trade body, Bryggeriforeningen, appears to be run for and by Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew Their response has been to establish an organisation that will better represent their interests. Danske Bryghuse was officially founded 21st October 2003.

A sore point is the reduction in tax granted to breweries over 100 years old. It was introduced in the 1950's to protect small, established breweries. Its effect today is to financially disadvantage newcomers (i.e. microbreweries) entering the market.
This is the big boys' club:

Frederiksberggade 11
1459 København K
Telefon 33 12 62 41 .
Fax 33 14 25 13 .
This is the organisation for everyone else:

Danske Bryghuse
Agro Business Park,
Niels Pedersens Allé 2,
8830 Tjele.
Tlf.: 89 99 25 00
Fax: 89 99 25 99
Email: lvs@agropark.dk
Beer Drinkers' Organisation
The Danish beer consumers organisation (an EBCU member) is:

Danske Ølentusiaster ("Danish beer enthusiasts")
Vestervang 35,
3460 Birkerød.
Tel: +45 45 82 34 00
Email: contact@ale.dk
Homepage: http://oel.wildside.dk/

Although only founded in September 1998 (elected to associate EBCU membership 14th November 1998, full membership 27th March 1999), it has been very successful in attracting Danish drinkers to its ranks. With around 11,000 memebers, it's the second largest organisation in the EBCU, after CAMRA.

Danish Beer styles
International pils - Denmark's gift to the world
Unsurprisngly, given Carlsberg's key role in the development of the modern "international" style of pale lager usually called "pils", bottom-fermentation prevails in Denmark's larger breweries. What would the world have been like if Jacobsen hadn't smuggled that yeast sample back from Bavaria? I can't imagine that things could have turned out worse.

The majority of beer drunk in Denmark is pale lager of 4.7%. That's followed by pale lager of 5.6% very vaguely in an Export style, but sweeter.
A new crop
New breweries have mostly stuck to top-fermenting beers, in either British, Belgian or American styles (or occasionally a combination of the three). Though there are some bottom-fermenting beers around. Da Capo brew a very good Vienna-style amber lager.

Carlsberg shocked everyone by brewing an abbey-style dubbel as a seasonal special a few years back. The really shocking part, was that they were able to make a good fist of it. So what the hell are they pissing about at with the rest of their beers? They can brew good beer if they try - so obviously the rest of the time they aren't. I can remember the guide who showed me around the brewery proudly announcing that they had cut the time taken to produce Carlsberg from 3 months to 3 weeks. So, just miss out that unneccassary and time-consuming lagering phase.

Whilst planning to close their Copenhagen brewery, Carlsberg have opened a microbrewery on the site. It's turning out a range of special beers such as IPA, Barley Wine and Brown Ale, some under the Carlsberg name, some branded Jacobsen. It will be interesting to see how great their commitment to brewing quality beer will be.
Tax and Strength
You will notice that the strengths of beers are remarkably consistent across breweries. The cause was, naturally, the Danish system for taxing beer. Up until 2004 Klasse 1 was up to 11º Plato (approx. 4.6%) alcohol , Klasse 2 11º-14º Plato (up to 5.8%) with Klasse 3, 4 and 5 going up to 10% and more. Beer with less than 2.7% alcohol was tax free. Klasse 1 beers accounted for about 85% of Danish beer sales.

The system of tax bands based on original gravity in degrees Plato (detailed above) was replaced in 2005. Tax is now charged at a rate of DKK 50.90 per litre 100% alcohol. Beers will probably vary more in strength as there is no longer an advantage in clinging to the ceiling of each band. Beer below 2.8% alcohol is tax free. For more details, see the Danish beer statistics section.

This isn't a complete list of the styles brewed. If I did that, I would just be producing a glossary of world beer types. These are the commonest or ones with a special Danish twist. Most major German styles are brewed, even if not listed. You'll have to look here or here if you want see them.

Bottom-fermented styles (from established breweries):

Style alc. description
Pilsner 4.6% The standard very pale, slightly hoppy sort of crap sold everywhere.
Münchner 4.6% The type of dark lager first brewed by Hansen back in the middle of the 1800's. Unlike the German original, which is brewed from all coloured malt, the Danish version uses pilsner malt and colouring. The end result is a caramelly rather than nutty beer.
Classic 4.6% All-malt pilsner with a touch more colour and some vague resemblance to Pilsner Urquell. Far better than the standard Danish pilsners.
Guld/Export 5.6% Sweetish, golden-coloured lagers vaguely in the German Export style. Not usually very subtle.
Strong pale lagers 7-8% Not quite true bocks, more scaled-up versions of the guld/export style.
Strong dark lagers/Bockøl 7-8% Lagers vaguely in the Bock or Dubbelbock style. Not very common. A few new breweries brew genuine German-style Bocks.
Porter/Stout 7-8% Big, malty, bottom-fermented beers roughly in the Baltic Porter/Imperial Stout style. Surprisingly common on draught, they are often the best beer available in Danish pubs.
Hvidtøl 1.5% - 2.6% Low-alcohol beers that are a remainder of the pre-lager Danish brewing tradition. Origanally top-fermented, most (except for Refsvindinge) are now bottom-fermented. Despite the name meaning "white beer" they come in both pale and dark varieties.
Skibsøl 1.5% - 2.6% Low-alcohol smoked beer - the name means literally "ship's beer". Only Refsvindinge still brew one.
Others   There are a variety of bottom-fermented beers, ranging from amber to dark brown in colour, which do not fall obviously into any particular type. The breweries don't seem too worried about not pinning any style on their beers. I'm not sure if their easy-going attitude is to be feared or admired.

Top-fermented styles:
Recent new Danish brewers have been much influenced by American microbrewing. In particular the use of large quantities of American hop varieties, such as Cascade. Not to everyone's taste, I know. There are many American-style IPA's, IIPA's and Pale Ales.

Some breweries aim more at reproducing UK interpretations of the ale family. WIntercoat brew an excellent ESB, bursting with biscuity English malt. They also have a mild and an oatneal stout in their portfolio. I can't help but like any brewery that makes a mild.

Belgian styles aren't as popular, with Witbier popping up the most. A couple, including Carlsberg, make an Abbey Dubbel. Some make wheat beers in the German style - Brøckhouse, Braunstein and BrewPub.

Porters and Stouts are very popular amongst microbrewers, as are Brown Ales and Pale Ales. A few Barley Wines are made, for example by Mikkeller and Skagen.

Style alc. description
Hvede 4.6-5.5% Wheat beers in the German style, usually unfiltered.
India Pale Ale 5-6% American-style, very hoppy ales. Often use American hops.
Porter 8-9% Top-fermented, Baltic style porter.
Pale Ale/Bitter 5-6% Amber top-fermented ales in the British style. Sometimes cask-conditioned.
Stout 5-7% Top-fermented stout, more in the Irish style.
Witbier 6-8% Belgian style wheat beer.
Abbey blond 6-8% Pale, sweetish ales in the Belgian abbey style.
Abbey dubbel 6-8% Dark, sweetish ales in the Belgian abbey style.
English Brown Ale 5-6% Dark, sweetish ales in the British style.
American Brown Ale 5-6% Dark, dry ales in the hoppier American style.

This is a snapshot of the types of beer brewed in Denmark (and the number of examples of them) as of November 2006:

Beer type No. examples
Pils 42
Pale lager - other 29
India Pale Ale 23
Pale lager - Guld 21
Dark lager 18
Pale Ale 17
Brown Ale 17
Stout 13
Pale Wheat Beer 13
Christmas beer 11
Amber lager 11
Dark ale 11
Porter 11
Low-alcohol pils 9
Dark Hvidtøl 9
Easter beer 9
Pale Hvidtøl 6
Ale 6
Strong Bitter 6
Scottish Ale 6
Amber Ale 5
Pale lager - Classic 5
Belgian-style Witbier 5
Belgian-style abbey blond ale 5
Malt beer 4
Barley wine 4
Schwarzbier 4
Dark wheat beer 4
Imperial Stout 4
Oatmeal Stout 4
Pale lager - Export 4
Golden ale 3
Blond Ale (other) 3
Belgian Ale (other) 3
Whitsun beer 3
Dark Bock 3
Amber bock 3
Dark abbey ale 3
Dark Mild Ale 3
Abbey Dubbel 3
Fruit beer 3
Irish ale 2
Spelt beer 2
Honey ale 2
Cherry beer 2
Spiced beer 2
Wheat Bock 2
Hybrid styles (IPA/Belgian, Brown Ale/Mild) 2
Pale lager - Dortmunder 1
Amber rye beer 1
Red Ale 1
Amber Doppelbock 1
Old Ale 1
Belgian Brown Ale 1
Winter beer 1
Imperial IPA 1
Dark Doppelbock 1
Bière de Garde 1
Strong Ale 1
Bitter 1
Czech-style lager 1
California common 1
Pale lager - Märzen 1
Smoked Skibsøl 1
My own calculation.

The stypes are mostly those used by the brewers themselves to describe their beer.

It speaks volumes of the revolution that has occured in Danish brewing that that IPA, Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Stout are amongst the ten most popular styles.

Danish Breweries
Danish Beer Statistics

Beer sales by tax class (hl)
1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
volume % volume % volume %
klasse 1 4,895,000 4,752,000 4,652,000 4,510,000 4,434,000 85.2 4,347,000 83.9 4,110,000 84.5
klasse 2 460,000 468,000 470,000 461,000 468,000 9.0 521,000 10.1 467,000 9.6
klasse 3,4,5 211,000 200,000 192,000 186,000 181,000 3.5 197,000 3.8 176,000 3.06
taxable beer 5,566,000 5,420,000 5,320,000 5,157,000 5,083,000 97.7 5,067,000 97.8 4,753,000 97.7
tax-free beer 141,000 142,000 132,000 125,000 119,000 2.3 116,000 2.2 109,000 2.3
all beer 5,707,000 5,562,000 5,452,000 5,282,000 5,202,000 100 5,181,000 100 4,862,000 100

Beer classes and tax rates (2003 and 2004)
plato alc. vol tax (DKK/hl) tax (DKK/33cl bottle)
klasse 1 <11º <4.6% 268.5 0.89
klasse 2 11 - 14º <5.8% 345.75 1.14
klasse 3 14 - 18º 7-8% 460.75 1.52
klasse 4 18 - 22º 7.8-9.3% 510.25 1.68
klasse 5 >22º >8.5% 27 DKK* 1.96 (minimum)
* per degree Plato per litre
beer below 2.8% alcohol is tax free

Beer classes and tax rates (2005)
alc. vol tax (DKK/l) tax (DKK/33cl bottle)
<2.8% 0 0
2.8% 1.43 0.47
4.6% 2.34 0.77
5.8% 2.95 0.97
7.3% 3.72 1.23
7.9% 4.02 1.33
>10.6% 5.40 1.78
The system of tax bands based on original gravity in degrees Plato was replaced in 2005. Tax is now charged at a rate of DKK 50.90 per litre 100% alcohol. Thus the tax on 1 litre of 4.6% beer is: 0.046 x 50.90 = 2.34 DKK.
Beers will probably vary more in strength as there is no longer an advantage in clinging to the ceiling of each band.
Beer below 2.8% alcohol is tax free

Beer Consumption, Imports and Exports (hl):
1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
imports 20,000 - 120,000 - 93,700 79,400 111,330 83,220 90,280 135,810 158,480 403,980    
exports 2,526,000 2,674,000 3,074,000 2,835,000 2,800,000 2,312,000 2,303,000 2,837,000 2,466,000 2,719,000 3,532,000 4,209,000    
consumption           5,707,000 5,562,000 5,452,000 5,282,000 5,202,000 5,181,000 4,862,000    
production           7,939,600 7,751,300 8,205,800 7,658,000 7,786,000 8,555,000 8,667,000    
no. breweries   15@                 25" 34" 51" 55"
@ Die Deutsche Brauwirtschaft in Zahlen, 1994
" my calculation

What do my scores mean?
< 25 positively unpleasant
25 - 40 has its faults
40-50 OK
50-60 reasonably good
60-70 above average - definitely worth trying
70-80 excellent - worth hunting for
80 > world class - you must try it

Danish Breweries
Listings - Denmark

Aarhus Bryghus
Gunnar Clausensvej 26,
8260 Viby J.
Tel. +45 2040 3373

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Aarhus Bryghus Klosterbryg 6%   India Pale Ale. Unfiltered. Brewed from pilsner, wheat and caramel malt; English Fuggles, Styrian Goldings and German Perle hops.  
Aarhus Bryghus Rød Ale 6%   Fruit beer. Flavoured with cowberries, whatever they are.  
Aarhus Bryghus Stout 8%   Imperial Stout. Unfiltered.  

Microbrewery. The brewer, Niels Buchwald, used to work at Thor and Ceres.

Albani Bryggerierne A/S
Postbox 170,
5100 Odense.
Tel: 66 13 23 01
Fax 65 91 32 00
Email: produktion@bryggerigruppen.dk
Homepage: http://www.albani.dk

Founded: 1859
Annual production:

Description Score (100)
Maltøl 1.1 % Malt beer.  
Påske- / Julehvidtøl 1.8 % Dark Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Easter/Christmas.  
Mørkt Hvidtøl 1.8 % Dark Hvidtøl beer.  
Odense Light 2.6 % Low-alcohol pils.  
Odense Pilsner 4.6 % Pils. First brewed in 1934.  
Heineken 4.6 % Pils.  
Odense Classic 4.6 % Pale lager. First brewed in 1999 for 140th anniversary of the brewery.  
Odense Rød Classic 4.6 % Amber lager. First brewed in 2003. Grist includes caramel malt and Münchener malt.  
Cains 5% Bitter. I don't know if this beer is brewed in Liverpool or Denmark.  
Påskebryg 5.6% Amber lager.  
Rødhætte 5.6 %
Pale lager - Guld.
Royal Export Albani 5.8 % Pale lager - Export. A bit like Whitbread Trophy, brewed at every plant in group.  
Blålys 7 % Pale lager. Seasonal - Christmas. First brewed in 1960.  
Giraf Beer 7.3 % Pale lager. First brewed in 1962.  
H. C. Andersen 9 % Pale lager. First brewed in 1988 for 1000th anniversary of Odense.
Malt aroma; sweet taste with smoke and malt aromas; bitter finish with honey and malt aromas.
A pretty good strong beer.
Giraf Beer HC Anderson Odense Pilsner

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second largest brewing group.

Mikrobryggeriet Andrik
Højvangsvej 5,
4340 Tølløse.
Tel: 59 18 59 11

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Andrik Pale Ale     Pale ale.  
Andrik Bitter Stout 6%   Stout.  

Microbrewery. A different seasonal beer is brewed every month. All their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Bryggeriet Apollo
Vesterbrogade 3,
1620 København V (Copenhagen).
Tel: 33 12 33 13
Email: apollo@a-h-b.dk
Homepage: http://www.a-h-b.dk

Founded: 1990
Annual production:

Bryggeriet Apollo

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Apollo 4.6 % Unfiltered pale top-fermenting beer.
Sulphur and hop aroma; bitter taste with hop, grass and yeast aromas; very bitter finish with wood and herbal aromas.
A good full-flavoured beer.

Homebrew pub in the centre of Copenhagen, right next door to the Tivoli. In addition to the one year-round beer there are various special brews.

The same company runs brewpubs in Herning , Odense and Århus.

Bryghuset Braunstein
Carlsensvej 5,
4600 Køge.
Tel: 7020 4468
Fax: 5663 4468

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Braunstein Amber Lager 4.9%   Amber lager - Vienna. Now I´m very pleased to see more amber lagers, but I don´t understand how a beer of 4.9% can be a Märzen (which is what this beer is called on the brewery´s website). The term refers to strength not colour (there are pale and dark Märzens, too). It´s really (as the name says) an amber lagerbier. Uses American hops.  
Braunstein Pilsner 5.3%   Pils.  
Braunstein Dark Lager 5.4%   Dark lager. Uses American hops.  
Braunstein Weiss 4.9%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer. German-style wheat beer. Seasonal.  
Braunstein Weizen Bock 8%   Unfiltered amber wheat bock. Seasonal.  
Braunstein Winter bock 8.5%   Amber Doppelbock. Seasonal.  

Microbrewery. Unusual for a new Danish brewery in that it specialises in German-style beers.

Baggårds Bryggeriet
Danmarksgade 4,
7500 Holstebro.

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Blondie     Blond ale.  
A Foxy Ale     Pale ale. Brewed for the Fox & Hounds in Holstebro.  
Black Celebration     Stout.  


The brewery has a sampling room.
Opening times:
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 15:00

Bredlunds Bryghus
Bornholmsvej 4,
4200 Slagelse
Tel: 58 52 38 09
Fax: 58 52 38 19
Email: info@bredlundsbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production: 1,000 hl (capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bredlunds Bryghus Slagelse Ale 4.5%   Pale Ale.  
Bredlunds Bryghus Classic Pilsner 4.6%   Pils.  
Bredlunds Bryghus Mørk Hvede 5%   Unfiltered dark wheat beer.  
Bredlunds Bryghus Dansk Hvede 5.4%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  

Microbrewery. Beer on sale from July 2006.

BrewPub København
Vestergade 29,
1456 København K.
Tel.: 33 32 00 60

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Harvest Pale Ale 4.7%   Pale ale.  
Cole Porter 4.8%   Porter.  
VesterWeisse 5.2%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer in the German style.  
Atlantic IPA 5.5%   India Pale Ale. A cross between the British and American styles.  
Schlager 4.9%   Amber lager in the Vienna style.  
William Wallace 4.5%   Scottish-style 80/- ale. Seasonal.  
Von Linden 5.5%   Pale lager - Märzen. A beer in the Oktoberfest style. Named after the bloke who invented artificial cooling. Seasonal.  


Opening times:
Sun - Wed 12:00 - 24:00,
Thur - Sat 12:00 - 02:00.

Restaurant Bryggen
Sydhavnsvej 9,
7700 Thisted.
Tel: 9792 3090
Email: info@bryggen.eu

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bryggens Humledrøm 6%   Unfiltered India Pale Ale. In the American style. Hopped with Cascades (what a surprise).  
Bryggens Sorte Fløjl 5.2%   A cross bretween a Brown Ale and a Mild. Unfiltered. Hopped with Amarillo. I respect anyone who brews any sort of Mild. Even if they use American hops in it.  
Bryggens pilsner 5%   Unfiltered Pils. Bottom-fermented. Hopped with Saaz.  
Englefryd 6%   Unfiltered Doppelbock. 6% ABV is a bit weak for a Doppelbock. Seasonal - Winter.  


Opening times:
Sun-Thur 17:00 - ,
Fri-Sat 11:30 -

Bryggeriet Brygmand
Gyndbjerg 23,
6091 Søndre Bjert.
Tel: 75 57 25 42

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
BromBier     Fruit beer.  


Høgevej 6,
3400 Hillerød.
Tel: 48 24 24 60
Fax: 48 24 24 80
Email: kontakt@broeckhouse.dk
Homepage: http://www.broeckhouse.dk

Founded: 2000
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Hvede 5.5% Wheat beer. The brewery claims that it's in the Belgian witbier style, which explains the coriander and orange peel amongst the ingredients. But the yeast is a German Weizenbier strain from Weihenstephan. I guess it must be pretty spicy.  
IPA 5.5% India Pale Ale. Top-fermented. Brewed from pilsner, caramel and Münchner malt, and hopped with Northern Brewer, Fuggles and Cascade.  
Rød 5.6% Dark lager. Uses Münchener malt and German Perle hops.  
Brøckhouse Stout 5.6% Stout. Top-fermented. Seasonal. Brewed from pilsner, caramel and chocolate malt plus rice and unmalted barley.  
Brøckhouse Blonde 6.5% Blond abbey ale. A Belgian-inspired beer brewed with a top-fermenting yeast.  
Old Ale 7% Old ale. Seasonal. Brewed from pilsner, caramel, crystal and black malt and hopped with Northern Brewer and Fuggles. Aged in the barrel for 9 months.  
Esrum Kloster 7.5% Dark abbey ale. Developped in cooperation with Esrum Kloster. Spiced with plants from the monastery garden and brewed from barley, wheat and rye.  
Juleøl 8.4% Dark ale. Seasonal - Christmas. Brewed from Pilsner, wheat, aroma, and chocolate malt, as well as candy sugar, using a Belgian top-fermenting yeast.  

A Microbrewery producing beers in an interesting mixture of styles. Top of my wanted list for Danish beers.

Bøgedal Bryghus
Høllundvej 9,
7100 Vejle.
Tel: 2029 6268
e-mail: vorting@boegedal.com

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)


Carlsberg Bryggerierne A/S
Ny Carlsbergvej 100,
1799 København V (Copenhagen).
Tel: 33 27 33 27
Fax 33 27 47 11

Founded: 1847
Annual production:

Fredericia Bryggeri A/S
Vestre Ringvej,
7000 Fredericia.
Tel: 79 23 11 23
Fax: 79 23 62 77
Homepage: http://www.carlsberg.dk

Annual production: 2,500,000 hl (capacity 2004)

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Carlsberg Let Pilsner 2.7 % Low-alcohol pils.  
Gammel Carlsberg 4.1 % Dark lager. Gammel means "old" in Danish, signifying this is the successor to the first bottom-fermenting Danish beers. Sweetish, caramelly and a bit dull. They should try using some Münchener malt, then it might taste right.  
Carls Special 4.4 % Pale lager.  
Carlsberg Hof 4.6 % Pils. A great example of an international pils that has moved from bland to quite nasty.  
Carls Påske 5.7 % Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Easter.  
Carls Jul 5.8 % Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Christmas.
Mid brown colour with a thin head; caramel and clove aroma; sweetish taste with caramel and biscuit aromas; sweetish finish with roast and biscuit aromas,
Sweet and vaguely malty. Uninspired.
Sort Guld 5.8 % Pale lager - Guld.  
Carlsberg 47 7 % Pale lager.  
Elephant 7.2 % Pale lager.
Malt and honey aroma; sweet taste with butter and alcohol aromas; toffee finish.
An OK strong lager.
Gammel Carlsberg Porter 7.8 % Baltic Porter. Bottom-fermented.  
Påskebryg 7.9 % Seasonal - Easter.  
Master Brew 10.5% Pale lager.  
Carlsberg Abbey Ale   Abbey dubbel. A genuine top-fermenting Belgian-style dubbel. I've not tried, but by all accounts is very good. One of the reasons Carlsberg piss me off so much - they are perfectly capable of brewing decent beer, they just can't be arsed.  
Carlsberg 47 Carlsberg Beer Carlsberg Elephant Gamle Carlsberg

Denmark's very own multinational. The standard beers are exactly what you would expect from a large, international brewery: crap.

The brewery in Copenhagen is scheduled to close. Carlsberg will then join that illustrious group of brewing companies who put sentiment to one side and shut their original plant: Heineken, Whitbread, Greenhall Whitley. The Fredericia brewery is having its capacity increased to 4,300,000 hl to cope. The changes are scheduled to be complete by the end of 2008. The company headquarters will remain at the site, as will the Jacobsen microbrewery.

Ceres Bryggerierne A/S
Cerea Allé 1,
8100 Århus C.
Tel: 86 76 65 00
Fax: 86 13 65 06
Email: contact@ceres.dk
Homepage: http://www.ceres.dk"

Founded: 1856
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Ceres Malt Øl 1.8% Malt beer. Sweetened with sugar.  
Ceres julehvidtøl 1.9% Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Christmas. Sweetened with sugar.  
Ceres TOP Classic 4.6% Pale lager - Classic. First brewed in 1953.  
Ceres TOP pilsner 4.6% Pils. A lightly-hopped and fruity pilsner (the brewery's description).  
Ceres Havskum >5.5% Dark lager. Flavoured with dark rum.  
Royal X-MAS (Blå) 5.6% Dark lager. Seasonal - christmas.  
Royal X-MAS (Hvid) 5.6% Pale lager - Guld. First brewed in 1969. Seasonal - christmas.  
Royal Export Classic 5.8% Pale lager - Classic. All malt version or Royal introduced in 1999.  
Royal Export Ceres 5.8% Pale lager - Export.
Malt and flowers aroma; bitterish taste with butter aroma; bitterish finish with a spicy aroma.
Fairly unimpressive for the strength.
Royal Selection 7.7% Pale lager. Includes raw maize in grist to "lighten" the palate. Sold as "Strong Ale" in Italy.
Royal Stout 7.7% Baltic Porter. Bottom-fermented.
Red Erik 6.5% Dark lager. Export only.
Ceres Bering Bryg Ceres Malt Øl Ceres Royal Export

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second largest brewing group.

Nørregade 20,
4100 Ringsted.
Tel: 4117 5566
Email: info@dagmarbryggeriet.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ingeborg Mild Ale 4.6%   Mild. It´s heartening to see how poular Mils is in Denmark.  
Broder Gergers 5.8%   India Pale Ale  
Skt Bendt Porter 6.1%   Porter. Hopped with First Gold.  


Djurs Bryghus
Energivej 14,
Grenaa 8500.
Tel: 8633 1965
Email: info@djursbryghus.dk

Founded: 2007?
Annual production:

Microbrewery. Still in the process of being built.

Duelund Bryglade
Duelundvej 11,
8620 Kjellerup.
Tel: 8688 1927
Email: someone@duelundbryglade.com

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Knark III 7.4%   Imperial Stout.  
Knark IV 11%   Imperial Stout. Seasonal - christmas.  

Microbrewery. Currently they have one product which changes with every batch. Their beer is currently being contract brewed while they finish constructing their brewery.

Fanø Bryghus A/S
Strandvejen 5,
Nordby, Fanø.

Founded: should open in 2006
Annual production:


Faxe Bryggeri A/S
Torvegade 35,
4640 Faxe.
Tel: 56 77 15 00
Fax: 56 71 47 64
E-mail: contact@faxe.dk
Homepage: http://www.faxe.dk

Founded: 1901
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Faxe Light 2.6% Low-alcohol pils.  
Faxe 1901 Classic 4.6% Pale lager - Classic. Fuller-flavoured version of Fad.  
Faxe Fad 4.6% Pale lager. Despite the name (which means "draught"), bottled only.  
Faxe Pilsner 4.6% Pils.  
Royal Export Faxe 5.8% Pale lager - Guld..  
Faxe Forarsbryg Faxe Premium Lys Faxe
Faxe Fad

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second largest brewing group. Best-known for its giant 1 litre cans, sold in German petrol stations.

Fjordens Bryghus
Vardevej 95,
6880 Tarm.
Tel: 6029 5459

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lyne Dark     Dark ale.  
Lyne Ale     Ale.  
Fjordens Vingsus      
Lyne Pils     Pils.  


Opening times:
Sat 10:00 - 14:00

Bryggeriet Flakhaven
Flakhaven 2,
5000 Odense C.
Tel.: 66 12 02 99
Email: flakhaven@bryggeriet.dk

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Flakhavens Ale     Pale ale.  
Flakhavens Pilsner     Pils.  

Brewpub. Owned by the same company as the Apollo brewpub. Every month a different sesonal beer is brewed.

Opening times:
Mon - Sat 11:30 - 22:00,
Sunday 11:30 - 17:00

Hemmingstrupvej 8,
3200 Helsinge.
Tel: 48 39 39 43
Fax: 48 39 39 44
Email: kontor@fuglebjerggaard.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Pallas     Organic beer.  

Microbrewery on an organic farm. Their shop sells a range of organic beer from around Europ.

Fuglsang Bryggeriet A/S
Bryggerivej 2,
6100 Haderslev.
Tel: 73 52 61 00
Fax: 73 52 61 11
Email: contact@fuglsang.dk
Homepage: http://www.fuglsang.dk

Founded: 1865
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Mørkt Hvidtøl
1.8 %
Dark Hvidtøl.
Lys Fugl
2.6 %
Low-alcohol pils.
Fuglsang Pilsner
5 %
Hertug Hans Pilsner
5 %
Black Bird 5 % Dark lager. A black "pils".  
5 %
Pale lager.
Golden Bird
5.2 %
Pale lager - Guld.
7.5 %
7.5 %
Seasonal - Christmas.

Independent brewery.

Fur Bryghus ApS
Knudevej 3,
7884 Fur.
Tel: +45 97 59 30 60
Fax. +45 97 59 30 48
Email: info@furbryghus.dk

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Fur Ale 5.3%   Ale. Unpasteurised.  
Fur Lager 5.4%   Pale lager. Unpasteurised.  
Fur Hvede 5.6%   Wheat beer. Unpasteurised.  
Fur Porter 7.6%   Porter. Unpasteurised.
Blcak colour, dense head; dates, treacle, cinnamon and caramel; sweetish taste with dates, raisins, treacle and roast aromas sweetish/bitterish finish with dates, plums and cream aromas.
A pleasant porter with a good mouthfeel, but perhaps a little light on roastiness.
Fur Bock 7.6%   Bock. Unpasteurised.  

Brewpub. It started brewing 1st October 2004. They plan a similar range of beers under the "Volcano" brand which will be pasteurised.

Vesterbrogade 3,
1630 København V (Copenhagen).
Tel: 33 12 94 12
Fax: 33 93 59 77
Email: faergekroen@babel.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Blond Lager 4.9%   Pale lager.  
Amber Lager 5.2%   Amber lager.  

Brewpub in Tivoli.

Opening times:
Mon - Sun 12:00-19:00

Bytoften 10,
4000 Roskilde.
Tel: 46 32 60 45
Email: kp@gourmetbryggeriet.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bock 22 6%   Unfiltered amber Bock. Bitterness 32 EBU.
Amber colour with an even head; Liquorice, roast, toast and hop aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with caramel, raisin, liquorice and nuts; sweetish/bitterish with toast, nuts, roast and hops.
A pleasntly malty, nutty Bock.
FinAle 7%   Unfiltered American pale ale.  


Grauballe Bryghus - Gaardbryggeriet
Gjermosevej 11,
8600 Silkeborg.
Tel: 8687 7684
Fax: 8687 7683
Email: ale@grauballe-bryghus.dk
Homepage: http://www.grauballe-bryghus.dk

Founded: 2000
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Bitter Mosebryg 4.6% English-style bitter. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Draught only.  
Mørk Mosebryg 5.2% 80/- (Scottish export). Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Draught only.  
Honeygold 7.5% Golden ale with honey. Brewed for the Danish royal wedding in 2004 (and voted best wedding beer at the Copenhagen Beer Festival). "A beer combining the best of the Golden Ale and honey beer styles, brewed with Tasmanian Leatherwood honey which is a very special and rich flavoured honey." That's how the folks at the brewery describe it.
Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Draught and bottled.

Microbrewery. They brew interesting top-fermented beers. How many breweries in Continetal Europe make a Scottsih heavy? Come to think of it, how many Scottish breweries still make one?

Hancock Bryggerierne A/S
Humlevej 32,
7800 Skive
Tel: 97 52 25 77
Fax: 97 52 98 30
Homepage: http://www.hancock.dk

Founded: 1876
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Hancock Påske Hvidtøl 1.8 % Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Easter.  
Lys Hancock 1.8 % Pale lager.  
Hancock Frokostøl 2.6 % Pale lager. "Lunch beer"  
Hancock Let Pilsner 2.7 % Low-alcohol pils.  
Hancock Høker Bajer 4.8 % Pils.  
Hancock Black Lager 5% Dark lager.  
Hancock Påske Beer 5.7 % Pale lager. Seasonal - Easter.  
Hancock Beer 5.7 % Pale lager - Export.  
Merry Christmas 6.3 % Seasonal - Christmas.  
Guldener Strand Øllager 6.6 % Pale lager.  
Lys Gambrinus 9 % Pale lager.  
Mørk Gambrinus 9 % Dark lager.  
Hancock Julebryg 9.7 % Seasonal - Christmas.  
Hancock Påske 9.7 % Seasonal - Easter.  
Hancock Beer

Independent brewery.

Harboes Bryggeri A/S
Spegerborgvej 34,
4230 Skælskør.
Tel: 58 19 40 40
Email: post@harboes-bryggeri.dk
Homepage: http://www.harboes-bryggeri.dk

Founded: 1883
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Harboe Julehvidtøl 2.8 % Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Christmas.
Harboe Light 2.8 % Low-alcohol pils.
Harboe Økologisk Pils 4.1 % Pils. Organic.
Harboe Jubilæumspilsner 4.5 % Pils.
Harboe Silver 4.6 % Pale lager.
Harboe Pilsner 4.6 % Pils.
Harboe Classic Special 4.6 % Pale lager.
Harboe Guldøl 5.9 % Pale lager - Guld.
Harboe Påskebryg 5.9 % Seasonal - Easter
Harboe Pinsebryg 5.9 % Seasonal - Whitsun.
Harboe Høstbryg 5.9 % Seasonal - Autumn.
Harboe Julebryg 5.9 % Seasonal - Christmas.
Harboe Vinterbryg 5.9 % Seasonal - Winter.
Harboe Bjørnebryg 8.3 % Pale lager.
Harboe Årgangsbryg 9.7 % Pale lager.
Sweet, grass and malt aromas;sweetish taste with apple aroma; bitter finish with honey aroma.
A good full-flavoured beer.
Harboe Årgangsbryg Harboe Bjørnebryg Harboe Beer
Harboe Øko Harboe Pilsner Harboe Pilsner

Independent brewery. The Danish "label beer" king. They have a habit of rebadging existing beers with new names and labels whenever they feel like it.

The company also owns Darguner Brauerei GmbH (Germany), AS Viru Ôlu (Estonia), Harboe Norge AS (Norway) and a farm. They also produce soft drinks. Up until the company was listed on the stock exchange in 1989, it was owned by members of the Harboe family.

Heimdal-Bryg ApS
Nybølle Gadekærsvej 2,
2765 Smørum
Tel: 44 66 21 96
Email: kontakt@heimdal-bryg.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Hugin 5.1%   Oatmeal Stout. Brewed from 10 different malts.  
Mestermandens 5.4%   English Strong Bitter.  
Underground 5.4%   American Pale Ale.  
Valhal 7%   Dark Ale.  
Danegeld 7.3%   India Pale Ale.  


Bryggeriet Herning
Torvet 3,
7400 Herning.
Tel: 96 26 02 70
Homepage: http://www.a-h-b.dk

Founded: 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
4.6 %
Herning Ale
4.6 %
Top-fermented beer.

Brewpub. Owned bt the same company as the Apollo brewpub.

Herslev Bryghus
Kattingevej 8,
4000 Roskilde.
Tel.: 46 40 18 07
Email: post@herslevbryghus.dk

Founded: 2004
Annual production: 1,500 hl.

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Pilsner 5.5%   Pils. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.  
Hvede 5.8%   Wheat beer. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.
Pale yellow colour with a thin head; wheat, clove and lemon aromas; neutral taste with cloves and cinnamon; biiterish finish with clove and wheat aromas.
A reasonable, if slightly thin, wheat beer in the German style.
Pale Ale 5.8%   Pale ale. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.
Pale amber colour with a dense head; tobacco, dust and chicory aroma; bitter taste with dust, tobacco and fruit aromas; very bitter finish with tobacco, wood and citrus aromas.
Good bitterness, but not from the right hop varieties for a British pale ale. I guess it's supposed to be in the American style.
Sommer Ale 4.6%   Blond ale. Seasonal - Summer. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.  
Høst Bryg Kirsebær 6.3%   Cherry beer. Seasonal - Autumn. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.  
Juleøl - Stjerne Bryg 6.4%   Dark abbey ale. Seasonal - Christmas. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Brewed from 6 types of malt, star anis and coriander and fermented with Belgian trappist yeast.
Red-brown colour with an even head; aniseed, liquorice, yeast and alcohol aroma; sweet taste with aniseed, liquorice, apple and date aromas; bitterish finish with yeast, aniseed, roast and spice aromas.
A tasty, spiced dark ale.
Schwarzbier 5%   Dark lager - Schwarzbier. Unfiltered and unpasteurised.  


Holbæk Bryghus
Nygade 5,
4300 Holbæk.

Founded: 2004
Annual production: 750 hl (capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
India Pale Ale     India Pale Ale.  
Brown Ale     Brown Ale.  

Microbrewery in the cellar of the restaurant Bryghuset No.5..

Bryghus Horsens A/S
Søndergade 12,
8700 Horsens.
Tel: 2546 2547
Email: ale@bryghushorsens.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Pilsner     Pils.  
Ale     Ale.  

Microbrewery. There are also seasonal beers, some for one-off events such as concerts.

Indslev Bryggeri A/S
Store Landevej 13,
5580 Nr. Åby.
Tel: 6444 1507
Fax: 6444 1557
Email: kontakt((at))indslevbryggeri((dot))dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Svanehvede 5.3%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer. In the German style.  
Hvid 4.8%   Unfiltered wheat beer. Belgian-style, I think.  
Sort Hvede 6.5%   Unfiltered Wheat Stout. Brewed from 50% wheat malt.  
Hvede Bock 8%   Unfiltered dark wheat Doppelbock.  
Julehvede 6.5%   Unfiltered dark wheat beer. Seasonal - christmas.  

Microbrewery. The only brewery in Denmark to concentrate exclusively on wheat beer.

Husbryggeriet Jacobsen
Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11,
2500 Valby,
Tel.: 33271314

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Jacobsen Bramley Wit 5%   Belgian-style Witbier.  
Jacobsen Original Dark Lager 5.8%   Dark lager - Münchner.  
Jacobsen Brown Ale 6%   Brown ale.  
Jacobsen Saaz Blonde 7.1%   Belgian-style blond ale.  
Jacobsen Imperial Barley Wine 10.1%   Barley wine. Brewed with 3 different yeasts: top, bottom and whisky.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Abbey Ale 7.1%   Abbey Dubbel.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Cerise 8.3%   Cherry beer. Brewed with 10% cherry juice.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Criollo Stout 6.8%   Stout. Brewed with criollo cocoa beans. Bottle conditioned.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens First Gold I.P.A. 6.3%   India Pale Ale.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Honning Ale 5.3%   Honey ale.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Weisse 5.5%   German-style unfiltered pale wheat beer. Contains apple juice.  
Carlsberg Semper Ardens Winter Rye 6.5%   Amber rye beer. Seasonal - Winter. Bottle conditioned.  

Microbrewery in the Carlsberg complex. Brews beers in Carlsberg's Semper Ardens range and under its own name.

Carlsberg's response to Denmark's microbrewery boom.

Jensen's Bryghus
Bygaden 41,
7130 Juelsminde.

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ngong Hills        


Kerteminde Bryghus
Tornøes Hotel
Strandgade 2,
5300 Kerteminde.
Tel.: +45 65 32 16 05
Fax. +45 65 32 48 40
Email: tornoes@tornoeshotel.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:


Bryghuset Kragelund
Kragelund Møllevej 4,
8600 Silkeborg.
Email: Bryghuset@bryghusetkragelund.dk

Founded: 2007?
Annual production: 800 hl (2007 capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
American Pale Ale 5.5%   American-style Pale Ale. Hopped with Cascades.  
Extra Special Bitter 5.5%   Strong Bitter. Hopped with East Kent Goldings.  
Scottish Strong Ale 6.4%   Strong Dark Ale.  

Microbrewery. Not quite up and running yet.

Læsø Bryghus
Bogøgårdvej 9,
9940 Læsø.
Tel: 9849 9199
Fax: 9849 9197
Email: lb@laesoe-bryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Stenøl     Red Ale.  
Ronkedor     Stout / Porter.  

Microbrewery. An earlier brewery called Læsø Bryggeri existed between 1934 and 1952.

Løkken bryghus
Kjelgaards Plads 5,
9480 Løkken.
Tel: 9899 1368
Email: Lb@loekkenbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Løkken Bryghus Pilsner 5%   Pls.  
Løkken Bryghus Classic 5%   Amber lager.  
Løkken Bryghus Mørk Kutterøl 5.2%   Mild Ale.  


Maribo Bryghus A/S
Vesterbrogade 1,
4930 Maribo.
Tel: 54 78 00 19
Fax: 54 78 03 00
Homepage: http://www.maribobryghus.dk

Founded: 1895
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Maribo Let Pilsner
Low-alcohol pils.
Maribo Lys Frokost
Pale lager. "Lunch" beer.
Maribo Mørk Hvidtøl
Dark Hvidtøl.
Påske Hvidtøl
Dark Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Easter.
Slots Let
Low-alcohol pils.
Slots Mørk Hvidtøl
Dark Hvidtøl.
Maribo Classic
Pale lager.
Maribo Pilsner
Slots Pilsner
Maribo Munke Øl
Dark lager. "Monk's" beer.
Den Blå
Pale lager - Guld.
Maribo Guld
Pale lager - Guld.
Maribo Julebryg
Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Christmas.
Maribo Pinsebryg
Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Whitsun.
Maribo Påskebryg
Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Easter.
Slots 24-12
Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Christmas.
Slots Guld
Pale lager - Guld.
Slots Påskebryg
Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Easter.
8 %
Pale lager. "A strong golden pilsner" according to the brewery.
Den Blå Maribo Påskebryg Maribo Pinsebryg

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second largest brewing group.

Midtfyns Bryghus
Marsk Billesvej 24,
5672 Broby.
Email: info@midtfyns-bryghus.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Braveheart 4.5%   Ale.  
Loch Lomond 4.5%   Ale.  
Moulin Ale 5.2%   Ale.  

Microbrewery. The beers are available in cask-conditioned format. As you can probably guess from the names, the inspiration for the beers comes from Scotland.

Mikkeller Bryggeri
Slien 2,
1766 København.
Tel: 4162 3489

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc OG Description score (100)
Jackie Brown 6% 1064º Brown Ale. Unfiltered. Hopped with Nugget, Centennial and Amarillo. The brewery describes it as "well-hopped". "Unusually-hopped" might be more accurate..  
Stateside India Pale Ale 7% 1073º India Pale Ale. Unfiltered. Hopped with Chinook, Cascade og Amarillo. Has a "remarkable freshness and bitterness with masses of citrus notes" according to the brewery. I think you know what to expect.  
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 7% 1073º Oatmeal Stout. Unfiltered. Hopped with Palisade, Centennial og Cascade.  
Mikkeller Big Bad Barley Wine 11% 1106º Barley wine. Unfiltered.  

Microbrewery that is very committed to American hops.

Miracle Breweries A/S
Kratvej 2,
5750 Ringe.
Tel: +45 25 277 100
Fax: +45 25 277 100

Founded: 2005
Annual production:


Bryghuset Møn
Luffes Gård,
Storegade 18,
4780 Stege.
Tel: 55 81 20 00
Fax: 20 53 17 51
Email: mail@bryghusetmoen.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schwartz Bier 4.8%   Dark lager - Schwarzbier  
Frugtøl 5%   Fruit beer. Brewed from blackberries using a Belgian yeast.  
4780 5.2%   Blond ale. A sort of Koelsch.  
Pale Ale 5.5%   American-style Pale Ale.  


Opening times
Mon-Thur 10:00-21:00,
Fri-Sat. 10.00-23.00,
Sun 10:00-20:00

Musik Bryggeriet daCAPO
Ørstedvej 54,
4130 Viby Sj.
Tel.: 23 96 02 94
Email: brygmesterbrygmesterMailmusikbryggeriet.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Largo 5.2%   Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  
Rubato 5.6%   California common.  
Allegro 5.8%   Strong Bitter. Bottle-conditioned.
Dark amber colour with an even head; biscuit, cream, yeast, nuts and hop aromas; very bitter taste with cream, vanilla, biscuit and mint aromas; very bitter finish with hop, resin, wood, resin and caramel aromas.
Wonderfully hoppy and bitter. Drinkable but tasty. Very good.
Wiener 6%   Amber lager - Märzen. Bottle-conditioned.
Dark amber colour with an uneven head; nuts, biscuit, bread and roast aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with nuts, caramel, roast, biscuit and hop aromas; bitterish finish with roast, nuruts and resin aromas.
Has a good munich malt aroma. Malty, but with just enough hops. Not a bad try at the style.

Microbrewery. They brew an eclectic mix of styles.

Nørrebro Bryghus
Ryesgade 3,
2100 Copenhagen.
Tel: 3530 0530
Fax: 3530 0531
Email: info@noerrebrobryghus.dk
Homepage: http://www.noerrebrobryghus.dk

Founded: 2003
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Graupner Schwarz 4.9% Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  
New York Lager 5% Amber lager - Vienna.  
Ceske Böhme 5.2% Czech-style lager.  
Stuykmann Witt 5.3% Belgian-style witbier. Unfiltered  
Kings County Brown Ale 5.5% Brown ale.  
Ravnsborg Rød 5.5% Irish ale.  
Pacific Pale Ale 5.6% Pale ale. American-style, hopped with Vanguard, Athanum og Amarillo. The recipe was formulated in conjunction with Garrett Oliver.  
East Belgium Pale Ale 5.6% Pale ale. A Belgian-tinted American-style Pale Ale.  
Brugge Blonde 6.5% Belgian-style abbey blond ale.  
Juleøl 6.5% Belgian-style ale. Seasonal - Christmas.  
La Granja Stout 7.5% Sweet stout. Contains an amount of Mexican coffee (hence the name).  
S:t Jørgen Stout 7.5% Fruit stout. Stout with added creme de cassis.  
Bombay Pale Ale 6.5% IPA. Brewed from Marris Otter malt and English aroma hops.  
St. Hans Dubbel 8% Abbey Dubbel. Unfiltered.  
North Bridge Extreme 8% Imperial IPA. In the American hopmonster style.  
Little Korkny Ale 12.25% Barley Wine. Hopped with Cascade, so I guess in the American version of the style.  

Brewpub. The brewer, Anders Kissmeyer, used to brew for Carlsberg. He brews a very eclectic range of styles.

Mon - Sun. 11:00-24:00
Thu - Sun 11:00-24:00 (Winter)

Nørrebro Bryghus
Baldersbuen 25,
2640 Hedehusene.
Tel: 4659 5971

Founded: 2006
Annual production: 4,0000 (2006, capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ravnsborg Rød 5.5%   Irish ale.  
New York Lager 5%   Amber lager - Vienna.  
Bombay Pale Ale 6.5%   India Pale Ale  

Microbrewery. A standalone brewery to brew bottled beer and supplement the limited (2,000 hl) capacity of the brewpub. It´s located between Copenhagen and Roskilde. It also houses the company´s head office.

Odder Bryghus
Kildegade 3,
8300 Odder.
Tel. 46928210

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
IPA     IPA.  
Stout     Stout.  
Pils     Pils.  
Ale     Pale ale.  
Hvede     Wheat beer.  
Årstidens øl     Seasonal.  

Microbrewery. Beer is brewed to order only.

Holløselund Strandvej 74,
3210 Vejby, Tisvildeleje.
Tel: +45 7020 7930
Email: info@olfabrikken.dk
Website www.olfabrikken.dk

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ølfabrikken Wit 5% 12.1º Belgian-style witbier.
Ingredients: Wheat malt, pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, oats, pale caramel malt; Saaz & East Kent Golding hops; coriander & sweet and bitter curacao peal; Belgian wheat beer yeast.
Bitterness 19 IBU.
Ølfabrikken Gylden Ale 5.5% 12.8º Golden ale.
Ingredients: Maris Otter Ale malt, pale caramel malt, münchener malt and wheat malt; Saaz & Hallertauer hops; English top-fermenting yeast.
Bitterness 24 IBU.
An attempt to combine ale and lager characteristics.
Ølfabrikken Brown Ale 5.5% 14.2º Brown Ale.
Ingredients: Maris otter ale malt, wheat malt, oats, chocolate malt, münchener malt, amber malt & two kinds of caramel malt; Northern brewer, fuggle, cascade & hallertau hops; English top-fermenting yeast.
Bitterness 24 IBU.
Ølfabrikken Rug I.P.A. 7% 17º India Pale Ale.
Ingredients: Maris Otter ale malt, rye malt, wheat malt & two kinds of caramel malt; Columbus and Mount Hood hops; English top-fermenting yeast.
Bitterness 70 IBU.
An IPA which is relatively dark and spicy from the use of large quantities of malted rye.
Ølfabrikken Jule Ale 8%   Spiced Ale. Seasonal - Christmas. Bottle-conditioned
Red-brown colour with an even head; grapefruit, mint, vanilla and lemon aroma; very bitter taste with grapefruit, resin and smoke aromas; very bitter finish with grapefruit, lemon and smoke aromas.
GHood aroma of American hops. In the mouth the same hops are totally overpowering. The spices are almost imperceptible. Not really a christmas beer, more like a double IPA.

Microbrewery. All thge beers are unfiltered and bottle-conditioned. The IPA and Brown Ale are available, on request, in cask-conditioned form.

Ørbæk Bryggeri - Naturfrisk A/S
Assensvej 38,
5853 Ørbæk.
Tel.: 65 33 21 11
E-mail: info@oerbaek-bryggeri.nu

Founded: 1906 (closed 1996, re-opened 2002)
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Blueberry Hill Ale     Ale flavoured with blueberries.  
Bock Beer     Bock.  
Brown Ale     Brown Ale.  
Classic Pilsner     Pils. Brewed to the Reinheitsgebot.  
Half & Half     Strong dark beer. This is how the brewery describe it: "Inspired by the English Stout Porter type, but brewed a touch lighter."  
Queen Extra     Pale lager - Dortmunder.  
Weissbier Hvedøl 5.8%   Pale wheat beer. German-style wheat beer.  
Påskebryg 7.2%   Pale beer. Seasonal - Easter.  
Fynsk Forår 4.8%   Beer brewed from organic spelt and flavoured with elderflower. Seasonal - Spring and Summer.  
Santa C Ale 5.8%   Spiced beer brewed with a Belgian ale yeast. Seasonal - Christmas.  


The original brewery was famous for "Stakitøl" (Fence Beer), a dark, top-fermented hvidtøl with a smoky taste. It was sold in 5-litre bottles, protected by a circle of wooden staves - hence the name. The Rømer family, who bought the brewery in 1998, initially produced organic soft drinks. But it seemed a waste to leave the intact brewery unused, so brewing eventually resumed.

Raasted Bryghus ApS
Hobrovej 358,
8900 Randers
Tel.: 23 80 41 51
Email: mail@raastedbryghus.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Brown Ale 4.5%   Brown ale.  
India Pale Ale 6.2%   India Pale Ale.  

Microbrewery. All their beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised. They want to brew British, Belgian but especially US micro-style beers.

Rækker Mølle Bryghus
Søvejen 4,
Rækker Mølle,
6900 Skjer
Tel: 97 36 21 00

Founded: plans to have first brew ready for Easter 2007
Annual production:

Microbrewery in the process of starting up.

Bryggeriet Refsvindinge
v/ H. P. Rasmussen & Co.
Nyborgvej 80, Refsvindinge
5853 Ørbæk.
Tel: 65 33 10 40
Fax: 65 33 10 29
Email: rb@rasmussen.mail.dk
Homepage: http://www.refsvindinge.frac.dk

Founded: 1885
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Mørkt Hvidtøl 2.4% Dark Hvidtøl. Top-fermented.  
Skibsøl 2.4% Bottom-fermented Skibsøl made from smoked malt.  
Lys Bjørneøl 2.4% Pale Hvidtøl. Bottom-fermented.  
Brygmesterens Egen Pils 4.6% Dark ale. Brewed from münchener malt and top-fermenting yeast. I'm not quite sure why they call it a pils. Sounds like an interesting beer. First brewed in 2000.  
Refsvindinge Pilsner 4.6% Pils.  
Ale nr. 16 5.7% Dark ale. Top-fermented with an English yeast.
Red-brown colour with an even head; bitter taste with mint biscuit, wort and citrus aromas; very bitter finish with mint, citrus and biscuit aromas.
Quite a good hop taste and nicely bitter.
Refsvindinge Hvid Guld 5.7% Pale lager - Guld.  
Enkens Anden Lyst 5.7% Wheat beer. Top-fermented, and brewed with pilsner malt, münchener malt, oat malt, wheat malt & hops. Spiced with dried orange peal, Seville orange and thyme.  
Mors Stout 5.7% Stout. Top-fermented. First brewed in 2003. Brewed from pilsner and chocolate malt.
Black colour, tight , dense head; molasses, dates, coffee and cloves aroma; neutral taste with smoke, cream and caramel aromas; bitterish finish with burnt, caramewl, hop and liquorice aromas.
Pleasantly roasty, but thin in the mouth.
HP Bock 8.6% Amber bock. Brewed using both top- and bottom-fermenting yeasts.  
Juløl 2.4% Dark Hvidtøl.Top-fermented. Seasonal - christmas.  
Jule Hyg 5.7% Amber ale.Top-fermented. Seasonal - christmas.  


Independent brewery. The only established brewery to produce anything really interesting. Denmark's last farm brewery, which has been in the hands of the Rasmussen family for four generations.

Ribe Bryghus
Skolegade 4b, gården,
6760 Ribe
Tel: 40 43 17 12
Email: mail@ribebryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production: 250 hl (estimate)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Blond Ale     Blond Ale. Belgian-inspired.  
Brown Ale     Brown Ale. English-style.  
Black Ale     Stout.  


Rise Bryggeri A/S
Vandværksvej 5,
5970 Ærøskøbing.
Tel: 6252 1132

Founded: 2005
Annual production: 240 hl (2006 capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Grolle Pilsner 4.6%   Pils.  
Marstal India Pale Ale 5.5%   India Pale Ale. Hopped with First Gold and Cascade.  
Ærøskøbing Dark Ale 6%   Dark Ale. Hopped with First Gold and Cascade.  
Juleale     Seasonal - Christmas.  
Påskeale     Seasonal - Easter.  

Microbrewery. A brewery with the same name was opened in 1884 and closed sometime in the 1900´s. Refounded in 2004, but the first brews were in late 2005.

Rørvig Bryghus
Tolbodvej 8,
4581 Rørvig.
Tel: 5125 4270

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Pilsner 5.5%   Pils.  
Lager 5.5%   Dark lager.  
Pale Ale 6.5%   Pale Ale  
Mørk Special 7%   Dark beer.  


Roskilde Øl
Søndergade 1D,
4130 Viby (Sjælland).
Tel: 4614 1010
Email: roskildeoel@hotmail.com

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Roskilde Dark Ale 6.8%   Dark Ale. Unfiltered.  
Deluxe IPA 7%   India pale Ale. brewed with a Belgian trappist yeast. Unfiltered.  

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Contract brewer. A beer shop that has beers made for it.

Samsø Bryghus
Nordby Hovedgade 9,
8305 Samsø.
Tel: 8659 6898 / 5178 7965
Email: kimvest@mail.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Alm. Pilsner     Pils.  
Classic     Amber lager.  
Brown Ale     Brown Ale,  
Stout     Stout.  


Bryggeriet Sct. Clemens
Kanikkegade 10-12,
8000 Århus.
Tel: 86 13 80 00
Fax: 86 13 86 11
Homepage: http://www.a-h-b.dk

Bryggeriet Sct. Clemens

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Sct. Clemens
4.6 %

Brewpub. Owned by the same company as the Apollo brewpub.

Sdr. Bjert Kro
Gl. Bjert 16,
6091 Bjert.
Tel: 7631 1130
Fax: 7631 1131
Email: info@sdrbjertkro.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:


Opening times:
Mon-Sun 11:00 - 22:00

Skagen Bryghus
Middelbanke 42,
9990 Skagen.
Tel: 98 44 42 80 / 61 67 42 80
Email: rdss@stofanet.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Buffalo Bill 5%   American Brown Ale.  
Humlemore Hvede 4.6%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer. Brewed using Erdinger yeast.  
Perfect Hips 6.2%   Extra Special Bitter.  
Shotgun IPA 5.5%   American IPA.  
Old Skagen Ale 6.4%   Bière de Garde.  
Gl.Skagen IPA 5.8%   English IPA.  
Skagen Stout 5.5%   Stout.  
Charlie Brown 5.8%   British Brown Ale.  
Gallia Belgica 6.4%   Belgian Brown Ale.  
Skaw Pilsner 5%   Pils.  
Stærk Bitter Erik 5.2%   Extra Special Bitter.  
Skagen Wine 10.6%   Barley wine.  

Microbrewery. The beer is currently contract brewed at Søgaards Bryghus.

Bryggeriet Skands
Hesselager 21,
2605 Brøndby.
Tel.: 4375 5025
Email: info@bryggeriet-skands.dk

Founded: 2003
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Nicks Ale 5.1%   Amber English ale. Bottled-conditioned.
Brewed from crystal- and pilsner malt and English Golding hops.
Humlefryd 5.5%   Pilsner.
Brewed from pilsner-, münchener- and caramel malt, and Perle aroma hops.
New Stout 5.8%   Stout.
Brewed from Danish pilsner malt, münchener malt, caramel malt, color malt and aroma hops. Bottom-fermented.
Elmegade IPA 6.2%   IPA.
Brewed from Maris Otter malt.
Porter 7.2%   Baltic Porter.
Brewed from Danish pilsner malt, caramel malt, color malt, molasses and aroma hops. Top-fermented. Having their porter stronger than their stout is a bit weird.
Julebryg 6.5%   Amber beer. Seasonal - christmas.
Brewed from five different malts. Lagered for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Microbrewery. All the beers are unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Bryggeri Skovlyst
Skovlystvej 2,
3500 Værløse.
Tel.: 44 98 65 45
Email: info@bryggeriskovlyst.dk

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Brown Ale 4.4%   English brown ale.  
Pilsner 5%   Pils.  
Hvede 5%   German wheat beer.  
Honning Ale 5.2%   Pale ale.  
India Pale Ale 6.2%   IPA.  
Havre Stout 7.5%   Oat stout.  


Opening times:
Sun - Wed 12:00 - 23:00,
Thur - Sat 12:00 - 24:00

Slagelse Bryghus
4200 Slagelse.

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Slagelse Pilsner 4.6%   Pils.
Brewed from pilsner malt and Saaz hops. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Bottom-fermented.
Slagelse Ale 4.8%   Pale ale.
Brewed from pale malt, crystal malt and East Kent Goldings. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Top-fermented.
Antvorskov Abbey Ale 8.1%   Dark abbey ale.
Brewed from pilsner malt, munich malt and Tettnanger hops. Unfiltered and unpasteurised. Top-fermented.

Microbrewery. A brewery of the same name closed in 1963.

Stensbogaard Bryghus
Sdr. Hørupvejen 39A,
5750 Ringe.
Tel: 6075 1811
Email: mail@stensbogaardbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
English Dark Stout 6.3%   Stout. Unfiltered.  
Belgian Blonde 6.3%   Belgian-style Blonde Ale. Unfiltered.  
American Brown Ale     American-style Brown Ale. Unfiltered.  
India Pale Ale 5%   India Pale Ale. Unfiltered.  
Kobber & Karamel 6.3%   Dark beer. Unfiltered.  
Julebryg     Seasonal - christmas.  


Stevns Bryghus
Tingvej 4, Varpelev,
4652 Haarlev.
Tel: 5626 6183
Fax: 5626 6186
Email: info@stevnsbryghus.dk

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Julekræs 6.4%   Amber spiced ale. Seasonal - christmas. Spiced with cinnamon and star anis.  


Svaneke Bryghus
Svaneke Torv 5,
3740 Svaneke.
Tel: 56 49 73 21
Email: mail@bryghuset-svaneke.dk
Homepage: http://www.bryghuset-svaneke.dk

Founded: 2000
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Bornholmer Bryg Classic 4.6 % Unfiltered pils. Brewed from pilsner and caramel malt.  
Bornholmsk Stout 5.8-6.2% Unfiltered stout.  
Mørk guld 5.8-6.2% Unfiltered amber beer (not sure if it's top- or bottom-fermented.  
Påskebryg 5.8% Seasonal - Easter.  


Søgaards Bryghus
C.W.Obels Plads 1A,
9000 Ålborg.
Tel..: 98 16 11 14

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Søgaard Ale 4.4%   Dark ale. Top-fermented. Brewed from münchner malt.  
Søgaard Classic 4.6%   Dark lager. Brewed from münchner malt.  
Søgaard Pilsner 4.6%   Pils.  
Søgaard Klosterbryg 5.8%   Dark lager. Flavoured with honey.  
Søgaard Porter 5.8%   Porter.  
Søgaard Julebryg 5.8%   Amber lager. Spiced. Seasonal - christmas.  

Brewpub. Owned by Lisa & Claus Søgaard.

Opening times:
Mon –Wed 11:00 - 23:00,
Thur 11:00 - 24:00,
Fri –Sat 10:00 - 01:30
Sunday closed.

A/S Thisted Bryghus og Mineralsvandsfabrik
Bryggerivej 10,
7700 Thisted.
Tel: 97 92 23 22
Fax: 97 91 18 98
Homepage: http://www.thisted-bryghus.dk/

Founded: 1899
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Lys Thy 2.3% Pale lager.  
Thy maltøl 2.7% Malt beer.  
Thy Pilsner 4.6% Pils.  
Økologisk Thy Pilsner 4.6% Organic pils.  
Porse Guld 5.8% Pale lager - Guld.  
Julefnug 5.8% Seasonal - Christmas.  
Thy Julebryg 7.9% Seasonal - Christmas.  
Thy Påskebryg 7.9% Seasonal - Easter.  
Thy Pinsebryg 7.9% Seasonal - Whitsun.  
Limfjords Porter (Double Brown Stout) 7.9% Baltic Porter. One of very few beers anywhere in the world still called Brown Stout (the very first name for stout).
Black colour with a dense head.; burnt, cream, liquorice and fruit aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with toffee, treacle, liquorice, smoke and burnt aromas; bitter finish with burnt, cream, raisins and liquuorice.
Lovely long, burnt finish. Very good indeed.
Thy Jule Ren 7.9% Seasonal - Christmas. Organic.
Pale yellow colour with a large-bubbled head; perfume and spice aroma; sweet taste with sugar and fruit aromas; bitterish finish with hop and fruit aromas.
An OK, if slightly dull, lager.

Independent brewery.

Thor Bryggerierne A/S
Thorsgade 25,
8900 Randers.
Tel: 87 12 45 00
Fax: 89 42 08 08
Email: contact@thor.dk
Homepage: http://www.thor.dk

Founded: CLOSED 2003
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Thor Hvidtøl (Taffeløl) 1.9% Dark Hvidtøl.  
Thor Julehvidtøl 1.9% Dark Hvidtøl. Seasonal - Christmas. The standard beer with extra sugar for Xmas. Yummy.  
Thor Classic 4.6% Pale lager - Classic.  
Thor Pilsner 4.6% Pils.  
Blå Thor 5.8% Pale lager - Export.  
Fregatten Jylland 7.7% Pale lager.  

Part of Royal Unibrew A/S, Denmark's second largest brewing group. The beers are now brewed at Ceres.

Troldhede Mikrobryggeri
Fuglebakken 12,
6000 Kolding.
Tel: +45 28 45 07 55

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Railroad Rye 5.1%   Rye beer.  
Lemon Express 5.6%      
Box-Car Honey Ale 5.6%   Honey ale.  
Steamtrain Stout 5.8%   Stout.  
Coal-Wagon Brown Ale 6.2%   Brown ale.  

Microbrewery in an off licence. They have a railway theme going on.

Tuborgs Bryggerier A/S
Strandvejen 50,
2900 Hellerup.
Tel: 33 27 33 11
Fax: 33 27 47 11

Founded: CLOSED 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
KB Jule-/Påskeøl 1.7 % Seasonal - Easter/Christmas.  
Kongens Bryg 1.7 %    
Tuborg Light 2.6 % Low-alcohol pils.  
Porter Citron 4.1% Porter with lemonde? Sounds great.  
Rød Tuborg 4.3 % Dark lager. Tuborg's attempt (not totally successful) at brewing a Münchner.  
Grøn Tuborg 4.6 % Pils. Crap.  
Tuborg Classic 4.6 % Pale lager - Classic. A reasonable go at a Pilsner Urquell type beer. Much better than Grøn.  
Tuborg Classic Hvede 4.6 % Wheat beer.  
Julebryg 5.6 % Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Christmas.  
Påskebryg 5.7 % Pale lager - Guld. Seasonal - Easter.  
Guld Tuborg 5.8 % Pale lager - Guld.  
Pinsebryg 7.8 % Pale lager. Seasonal - Whitsun.  
Fine Festival 7.9 % Pale lager.  
Rød Tuborg Tuborg Classic Tuborg Den Gyldne Dame
Grøn Tuborg Den Store Tuborg
Tuborg Export Beer Tuborg Kylle Kylle

Part of the Carlsberg empire.

Vesterbro Bryghus
Vesterbrogade 2B,
1620 København V.
Tel: 3311 1705

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Blond Lager 4.9%   Pale lager.  
Amber Lager 5.2%   Amber Lager.  
India Pale Ale 5%   India Pale Ale.  
Brown Ale 5.5%   Brown Ale.  
Julebryg     Dark lager. Seasonal - christmas.  

Brewpub. The brewer is Austrian.

Opening times:
Mon-Thur 11:30 - 02:00,
Fri-Sat 11:30 - 03:00,
Sunday closed.

Bryggeriet Vestfyen A/S
Fåborgvej 4,
5610 Assens.
Tel: 64 71 10 41
Fax: 64 71 24 41
Homepage: http://www.bryggerietvestfyen.dk/

Founded: 1885
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Dana Mørkt Hvidtøl
1.8 %
Dark Hvidtøl.
Vestfyn Light Pilsner
2.6 %
Low-alcohol pils.
Vestfyn Pilsner
4.6 %
Pils. Draught and bottled.
Vestfyn Classic
4.6 %
Pale lager. Draught and bottled.
Vestfyen Ren Pilsner
4.6 %
Pils. All malt.
5.7 %
Dark lager - Export.
Vestfyn Julebryg
5.7 %
Seasonal - Christmas.
5.7 %
Seasonal - Easter.
Ale No 16
5.7 %
Pale ale. First brewed in 1995.
Prins Kristian
5.7 %
Pale lager - Export. Draught and bottled.
Malt aroma; neutral taste with honey aroma; sweetish finish.
An undistinguished export-style beer.
Prince Royal
8 %
Pale lager.
Prins Kristian Prince Royal

Independent brewery. All the draught beer is unpasteurised.

Viborg Bryghus
Sortebrødre Kirke Stræde 25,
8800 Viborg,
Tel.: 40 28 8800
Email: mail@viborgbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Viborg Brown Ale 6.3%   Brown Ale.  
Viborg Scottish Ale 7.6%   Ale.  
Viborg Imperial Stout 8.8%   Imperial Stout.  

Microbrewery. Opened May 11th 2006.

Viby Bryghus
Elmevej 7 A,
4130 Viby (Sjælland).
Tel: 2883 4782
Email: kontakt@viby-bryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Viby Bryghus Porter 8.4%   Porter. Brewed to a recipe from the middle of the 1800´s. The first batch was brewed at the GourmetBryggeriet in Roskilde.  


Vilcon Bryghus
Nytorv 2A,
4200 Slagelse.
Tel: 5858 6810
Fax: 5858 6802
Email: vb(at)vilconbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Trelleborg øl 6%   Spelt beer flavoured with ***porse***. Unfiltered.  
Cascade Ale     Ale. Hopped with Northern Brewer and Cascade. Semi-filtered.  
Amber Bock     Amber Bock. Semi-filtered.  

Brewpub in a gourmet restaurant (though there is a pub, too).

Opening times:
Mon-Thur 11:00-22:00,
Fri-Sat 11:00-01:30,
Sunday closed.

Virklund Bryghus ApS
Korshøjvej 2,
8600 Silkeborg
Tel: 6126 9266
Email: info@virklundbryghus.dk

Founded: 2006
Annual production: 400 hl (2006)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Virklunds Brown Ale 5.2%   English-style Brown Ale. Unfiltered.  
Virklunds Pale Ale 5.3%   American-style Pale Ale. Yet another beer hopped with Cascades. Unfiltered.  
Virklunds Amber Ale 5.7%   Amber Ale. Hopped with First Gold and Cascade. Unfiltered.  
Virklunds India Pale Ale 6.5%   English-style India Pale Ale. Hopped with Northern Brewer. Unfiltered.  
Virklunds Strong Ale 7.2%   Strong Ale. Unfiltered.  
Virklunds Påske Ale 6.8%   Amber Ale. Brewed with Belgian yeast and hopped with Hallertau Perle. Unfiltered. Seasonal - Easter.  
Virklunds Jule Ale 6.9%   Golden Ale. Unfiltered. Seasonal - Christmas.  


Warwik Bryghus ApS
Vestervold 18B (brewery),
Ortenvej 17 (office),
6800 Varde

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Warwik Frk. Friis     Pils. Unfiltered.  


Wiibroes Bryggeri
H. C. Ørstedsvej 10,
3000 Helsingør.
Tel: 33 27 30 00
Fax: 33 27 32 00
Homepage: http://www.wiibroe.dk/

Founded: 1840 (closed 1998)
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Neptun Lyst Hvidtøl 2.6 % Pale Hvidtøl.  
Wiibroe Pilsner 4.6 % Pils.  
Neptun Dansk Pilsner 4.6 % Pils.  
13'er 4.6 % Pils. Brewed for the Irma supermarket chain.  
Wiibroe Natur Pils 4.6 % Pils.  
Neptun Julebryg 5 % Seasonal - Christmas.  
Neptun Dansk Påske 5 % Seasonal - Easter.  
Wiibroe Guld Eksport 5.8 % Pale lager - Guld.  
Wiibroe Porter 8.2 % Baltic Porter.  
Wiibroe årgangsøl 9.6 % Pale lager.  
Wiibroe 13'er Wiibroe Imperial Stout Dansk Pilsner Wiibroe export
Neptun Guldøl Neptun Lyst Hvidtøl Wiibroe Påskebryg Wiibroe årgangsøl

Grønvej 51,
8471 Sabro.
Tel: 2876 0637

Founded: 2003
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Wintercoat More Please 4% Dark mild. Unfiltered.  
Wintercoat Oatmeal Stout 5.4% Oatmeal stout. Unfiltered.
Black with a small, even tan head; roast, burnt, chocolate and liquorice aroma; bitterish taste with black toffee, chocolate, cream and roast aromas; bitterish taste with burnt, cream, liquorice and toffee aromas.
A very smooth stout with plenty of mouth-filling malt flavours.
Tasted 23.01.2007.
Wintercoat ESB 6.1% Special bitter. Unfiltered.
Pale brown colour with little head and low carbonation; fruit, roasted, hop and biscuit aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with hop, biscuit, caramel and bread aromas; bitter finish with hop, chicory, roasted and smoke aromas;.
A beautifully made strong English bitter that would stand up well to most UK brews. Subtly hopped and full of typical biscuity English malt flavours. The low carbonation is a good touch.
Wintercoat India Gold 6.3% IPA. Unfiltered.  
Wintercoat Cockney Imperial Stout 8% Imperial Stout. Unfiltered.
Jet black colour with a dense, even, tan head; burnt, chocolate and cream aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with chocolate, cream, damson, liquorice aromas; bitter finish with roasted, hop, milk and liquorice aromas.
A coal-black stout that drinks remarkably light for its strength and has a wonderful, lusciously smooth texture. A beer I could happily drink all day. Like a "real" version if Guinness FES.
Wintercoat Yellow Jacket 5.3% A cross between an IPA and a Belgian witbier (I know this sounds unlikely, but it's how they describe it on their website). Brewed with a Belgian witbier yeast and English malt and hops. Unfiltered. Seasonal - summer.  
Wintercoat Yule Ale 6.5% Dark ale. Unfiltered. Seasonal - winter.  

Microbrewery. It concentrates on British styles and, judging by the ones I've tried, makes a pretty good fist of it. And I just can't help liking any brewery that brews a dark mild.

This is what the nice people at the brewery told me about their products:
"Our beers are definitely not filtered. They are available cask-conditioned if ordered in advance. We suggest using a real ale pump with our Cornelius kegs, which gives a very close approximation to cask-conditioned ales, since we tap directly from the conditioning tank to the kegs, and there's only 19 l to get through instead of 38. Not many Danish pubs dare do this, as they're so used to gassing their beers. (They also tend to serve their ales too cold.) Fortunately, many of our customers (publicans) are English! We're trying to convince more Danish pubs of the ease in using ale pumps. They're easy to install, move, operate and maintain. And no CO2 to mess with. 'Nuff said, eh?"
You can't argue with that. They definitely have the right idea. Please support these idealists by drinking their beer.

Danish Breweries
Listings - Faroes

Föroya Bjór
FO-700 Klaksvík.
Tel: (+298) 455454
Fax: (+298) 456544
Email: fb@foroya-bjor.fo
Homepage: http://www.foroya-bjor.fo/

Founded: 1883
Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Ljóst Pilsnar 2.7% Low-alcohol pils.  
Veðraöl 4.6 % Pils.  
Föroya Bjór Classic 4.6 % Pale lager - Classic.  
Gullöl 5.8 % Pale lager - Guld.  
Sluppöl 5.8 % Dark lager.  
Black Sheep 5.8 % Dark lager.  
Portari 5.8 % Porter.  
Páskabryggj 5.8 % Amber lager. Seasonal - Easter.  
Jólabryggj 5.8 % Amber lager. Seasonal - Christmas.  

Independent brewery.

Restorffs Bryggjari
Laudavegers 32,
FR-110 Tórshavn.
Tel: +298 - 314728
Fax: +298 - 314728
Email: restorff@post.olivant.fo

Annual production:

Beer alc Description Score (100)
Gull 5.8% Pale lager - Guld.  
Skarv 5.8% Amber lager.  
Skansa øl      
Pilsnar   Pils.  
Paska   Seasonal - Easter.  
Jola Gull   Seasonal - Christmas.  

Independent brewery.

Danish Breweries
Listings - Greenland

Godthaab Bryghus
Nuuk Bymidte,
Postboks 49,
3900 Nuuk
Tel: 0299 - 348 080

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Godthaab Bryghus Pilsner     Pils.  
Godthaab Bryghus Amber Lager     Amber Lager.  

Brewpub. Owned by the same company as the Apollo brewpub.

Opening times:
Mon-Sat 12:00-22:00,
Sunday closed.

Greenland Brewhouse
Box 131,
3921 Narsaq.
Tel: 0299 - 662 244
Fax: 0299 - 662 245
Email: greenland@brewhouse.gl

Founded: 2006
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Brown Ale 5.5%   Brown Ale.  
Pale Ale 5.5%   Pale Ale.  
Juleøl 6%   Dark Ale. Brewed with a Belgian yeast. Seasonal - Christmas.  

Microbrewery. The first ever brewery in Greenland.

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