Niedersachsen and Bremen Breweries
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This page lists all the breweries currently active in the German state of Niedersachsen and all the beers they brew.

It also lists the breweries in the city state of Bremen.

One local beer style Lüttje Lagen has survived in Hannover. It is still made by three breweries.

In Braunschweig, something is still produced under the name Mumme, but it contains no alcohol.

Niedersachsen beer styles
Niedersachsen Breweries
Bremen Breweries Braunschweiger Mumme
Niedersachsen Beer styles

Bottom-fermenting styles

Style Plato alc.vol description
11.5-12º 4.8-5.2% Hoppy, thin, pale lager. The same crap sold everywhere.
11.5-12.5º 4.8-5.2% Pale, malty, lightly hopped. "Helles Lagerbier".
Export 12.5-13º 5.2-5.7% Pale, malty, lightly hopped. "Helles Export".
Schwarzbier 11.5-12º 4.8-5.2% Dark lager with coffeish dark malt flavours. Usually dry, but sometimes sweetish.
12.5º 5.2% Red-brown, nutty, malty and lightly hopped.
Spezial 13º 5.7% Pale, full, bitter-sweet and delicately hopped.
Oktoberfest 14º 6% Pale and sweetish.
Märzen 13-14º 5.7-6% Amber, malty, full and sweetish.
16.5º 6.5% Pale, amber or dark, bitter-sweet.
18.5º 8.5% Red- or dark brown, fruity, bitter-sweet, alcohol and concentrated dark malt flavours

Braunschweiger Mumme

Braunschweiger Mumme was an thick, near-black , highly-alcoholic, sweet beer, probably brewed since at least the 14th century in Brunswick. Very bitter, it was first imported into Britain in the 17th century, where it was called Mum or Mumm.

During the 16th and 17th centuries it was one of the best-known and loved beers in Europe. Key to its popularity was the ability to survive long periods of hot weather without going off, presumably because of the combination of alcohol, hops and unfermented sugars. It was often taken on sea voyages to the tropic, when it was used to combat dietary complaints such as scurvy amongst the sailors.

It came in two variations: Stadt-Mumme, meant to be drunk immediately and the more heavily hopped Schiff-Mumme intended for export of for use on long sea voyages. The former used 4 Himpten of hops, the latter 15. Both were brewed from 2 Winspel of barley malt. The thick consistency came from a long boil, first of the whole mash for 1.25 hours then of the wort and hops for another 3 hours.

Brewed first in Braunschweig, it was later copied in Hamburg and England, though some of the ingredients had to be substituted. It still contained loads of things whose names mean nothing to me, like Elecampane Root. It continued to be drunk and brewed in England until at least the mid 18th century.

The style's fame peaked in the 17th century. In 1682, of Braunschweig's 298 brewers, 86 made Mumme. But this was soon to change. The trade in Mumme collapsed in the 1710's when disputes, especially with Bremen, all but stopped exports. By the middle of the century only two breweries in Braunschweig, Brauerei Nettelbeck and Franz Steger, were still producing it. They continued to produce small amounts for the next two centuries, with Steger only closing in 1954. Since then, Nettelbeck has kept the style alive on its own.

Sometime in the 18th century it changed completely in character, becoming a non-alcoholic malt tonic. It survives in this form today. It's usually drunk mixed with ordinary pils.

Another beer called Mumme is still brewed in Germany. Wismarer Mumme is a standard-strength dark lager produced by the Brauhaus am Lohberg brewpub. The only connection with classic Mumme seems to be that Wismar was also a Hansa town. More intersting and more authentic-sounding is their Jubilaeums Mumme, brewed in 2002 to celebrate the 550th anniversary of the Brauhaus. At 24.4° Plato and 10% ABV, it sounds much closer to the original. Sadly, it has only been brewed once.

Conrad Seidl claims in his book "Noch ein Bier" (1993, p.246) that Mumme was first copied in England before mutating into Porter. I can think of many arguments against his theory:
  • Porter and Mumm coexisted for at least 50 years
  • Porter contained no herbs or spices
  • Porter wasn't thick and treacly
  • Porter fitted into the normal spectrum of English beers - it was a brown beer, that is a hopped malt liquor made from brown malt
  • the original Porter was not near black, like Mumme, but dark brown
  • Porter wasn't sweet
  • Porter wasn't particularly strong (around 5.5%)
Here's a none too flattering description of Mumme from "London" by C. Knight (1843):
"As for the mum of Brunswick, which enjoys a traditional reputation on this side of the water, because it had the good luck to be shut out by high duties, and has thus escaped detection, it is a villainous compound, somewhat of the colour and consistency of tar - a thing to be eaten with a knife and fork."
This is what "Der volkommene Bierbrauer" (Leipzig, 1784, pages 127-128) has to say about Mumme:
"Die Braunschweigische Mumme, wie auch das Einbeckische, möge wohl Geschwistert seyn, dann sie sind beide gute Sommerbiere, haben auch viel Hopfen, auch gleichen Geschmack und Würkung: Doch solle das Einbeckische Bier am Geschmack etwas lieblicher seyn: Es sind zwei Kühlende Bier, nähren nicht sonderlich, sind dünn und subtil, dringen durch, und machen den Urin ganghaftig, füllen auch das Haupt nicht also mit Dünsten, wie sonsten andern thun.

Es sind rechte Sommerbier, die auch denen Febricitanten zuträglich, angenehm, und sehr gesund seyn. Die Mumme zwar, bekommet aus dem Wasser, daraus sie gebräuet wird, eine kalchichte, steinigre Materie, daß man leichtlich das Stein davon bekommen, oder so man ihn allbereits hat, aufrührlich machen kann. Wiewohl das Einbeckische fast eben deiser Art seyn solle: Und weil das dritte Theil Korn, zu diesem Bier der Waizen ist, so hat es den Vorzug vor allen andern Gerstenbieren, giebt auch gut Nutriment, dringet leichtlich dürch, und erreget den Urin, wegen seiner Substanz, die nicht so gar stark ist, und wann einer das Fieber hat, so ist demselben Menschenkein Bier lieber und angenehmer, ja auch gesunder, als eben dieses Einbeckische Bier.

The text lumps together Mumme and Einbecker Bier (the original Bockbier), saying that they are related beers, heavily hopped, with the same taste and effect. Mumme, it says, gets a chalky, stony material from the water used to brew it. Both beers are good for encouraging urine (I thought all beer did).

Wikipedia article on Mumme (in German)
Article on Braunschweiger Mumme in "Oeconomischen Encyclopädie“ of 1773 (in German)
1680's English recipe:
"To make a vessel of 63 gallons, we are instructed that the water must first be boiled to the consumption of a third part, then let it be brewed according to the art with:
7 bushels of wheat malt;
1 bushel of oat malt;
1 bushel of ground beans;
When the mixture begins to work, the following ingredients are added:
3 lbs. of the inner rind of the fir;
1 lb. each of the tips of the fir and birch;
3 handfuls of Carduus Benedictus dried;
3 handfuls of Rosa solis;
of burnet, betony, marjoram, avens, pennyroyal, flowers of elder, and wild thyme, 1 handful and a half each;
3 ounces of bruised seeds of cardamum;
and 1 ounce of bruised bayberries.
Subsequently, 10 new-laid eggs, not cracked or broken, are to be put into the hogshead, which is then to be stopped close, and not tapped for two years, a sea voyage greatly improving the drink."
A History of Beer and Brewing, Ian S. Hornsey, 2003, p.388-389

This recipe is quoted in an article on Braunschweiger Mumme in "Oeconomischen Encyclopädie“ of 1773 where it is cited as coming from Chamber's Cyclopaedia. The German author doubts its accuracy and states that neither beans nor herbs were used brewing Mumme. I have the full German text of Oeconomischen Encyclopädie article here.
An undated English recipe:
"A wholesome drink, brewed from wheat malt, boiled down to a third of its original quantity, to which were added oatmeal and ground beans, and after working quite a number of herbs and other vegetable products, including the tops of fir and birch, a handful of burnet, betony, marjoram, avens, pennyroyal, wild-thyme, and elder-flowers, and a few ounces of cardamum seeds and barberries."
. . . . .
"Fill up at last and when 'tis stopt, put into the hogshead two new-laid eggs unbroken or crackt, stop it up close, and drink it at two years end."
A History of Beer and Brewing, Ian S. Hornsey, 2003, p.388

What do my scores mean?
< 20 cut out the middleman and pour straight down the sink
21 - 30 pretty nasty, gulp down quickly or hold your nose
31 - 40 chill heavilly and pray
41 - 50 can be drunk unchilled without evoking nausea
51 - 60 safe to drink
61 - 70 you might actually enjoy this
71 - 80 can survive a serious examination
81 - 90 don't swallow too quickly
91 - 100 treat like 50 year-old Islay

Niedersachsen Breweries

Brauerei Allersheim GmbH
Allersheim 6,
37603 Holzminden.
Tel: 05531 - 1250

Founded: 1854
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Allersheimer Urpils 4.8% 11º Pils.  
Allersheimer Bügel-Pils 4.9% 11.6º Pils.  
Allersheimer Dunkles Landbier 5% 11.6º Dark lager.  
Allersheimer Weizen Hell 5.1% 11º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Allersheimer Weizen Dunkel 5.1% 11º Unfiltered dark wheat beer.  
Allersheimer Maibock 6.5% 16.3º Pale Bock. Seasonal - Spring.  
Allersheimer Dunkler Bock 7%   Dark Bock. Seasonal - October to February.  

Independent brewery.

Altes Brauhaus zu Fallersleben
38442 Wolfsburg - Fallersleben.
Tel.: 05362 - 3140
Fax: 05362 - 663 07
Email :

Founded: 1986
Annual production: 1,200 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Fallersleber Schlossbräu 4.3%   Pils. Unfiltered.  
Bürgermeisterbräu 4.3%   Dark lager. Unfiltered.  
Kräuterbier     Herb beer.  
Bockbier     Bock. Seasonal.  
Nikolaus-Bier     Seasonal.  


Bennexer Brauhaus
Hauptstr. 23 A,
31832 Springe.
Tel: 05045 - 6631

Founded: 2003
Annual production:


Brauerei Carl Betz GmbH
Waldweg 101-103,
29221 Celle.
Tel: 05141 - 85025
Fax: 05141 - 85143

Founded: 1893 (1983)
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Celler Urtrüb 4.9% 11.5º Unfiltered Pils.  
Celler Pilsener 4.9% 11.5º Pils.  
Celler Dunkel 5.2% 12.5º Dark lager.  
EXPORT 2000 5.2% 12.5º Pale lager - Export.  
Celler Bekenner-Bock 6.9% 16º Dark Bock.  

Independent brewery. Founded as a Farbebier-Brauerei - that is, a producer of Reinheitsgebot-authorised colouring for dark beers. It only starting brewing beer in the 1980's.

Braunschweiger Mumme H. Nettelbeck KG
Leipziger Straße 184,
38124 Braunschweig.
Tel: 0531 - 6149 207
Fax: 0531 - 610 870

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Doppelte Segelschiff Mumme 0%   Malzbier. First brewed in 1492 as an alcoholic beer, it's now a syrup-like malt extract used as a mixer with normal beer.  

Contract brewer. The Mumme is brewed by Aspera in Mülheim (Nordrhein-Westfalen) and canned by Nettelbeck once a month.

Buxtehuder Brauhaus
Kirchenstraße 13,
21614 Buxtehude
Tel.: 04161-3775
Fax: 04161-52632

Founded: 1990
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Buxtehuder Hefeweizen 4.2% 10.6º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Buxtehuder Pilsener 4.5% 11.9º Unfiltered Pils.  
Buxtehuder Dunkel 4.7% 12.5º Unfiltered dark lager.  
Buxtehuder Märzen 5% 13.3º Unfiltered amber lager - Märzen. Seasonal - March.  
Buxtehuder Maibock 5.8% 16.2º Unfiltered Pale Bock. Seasonal - May.  
Buxtehuder Festbier 5.5% 13.7º Unfiltered pale lager - Festbier. Seasonal - October.  


Brauhaus Cronenmeyers
Bei der Kirche 1,

Founded: 2005
Annual production:


Diekster Bräu
Dörper Weg 22,
26506 Norddeich.
Tel: 04931 - 986 300

Founded: 2003
Annual production:

Brewpub in a bowling alley.

Opening times:
Mon - Sun 10:00 - 22:00

Einbecker Brauhaus AG
Papenstraße 4-7,
37574 Einbeck.
Tel: 05561 - 7970
Fax: 05561 - 797 119

Annual production: 483,000 hl (1997)

Beer alc Plato Description
Einbecker Pilsener Premium 4.8% 11.2º Pils.
Einbecker Gold 4.9% 11.2º Pale lager.
Einbecker Brauherren Premium Pils 4.9% 11.4º Pils.
Einbecker Diät - Pils 4.9% 9.5º Low-carbohydrate. Pils.
Einbecker Dunkel 4.9% 11.5º Dark lager.
Einbecker Spezial 5.2% 11.8º Pale lager - Spezial.
Einbecker Ur-Bock hell 6.5% 16.2º Pale bock.
Einbecker Ur-Bock dunkel 6.5% 16.2º Dark bock.
Einbecker Mai-Ur-Bock 6.5% 16.2º Pale bock. Seasonal - Spring.

The only remaining brewery from 700 or so the town had in the Middle Ages. The home of bock beer.

Brauhaus Ernst August Sybille Aulich e.K.
Schmiedestr. 13,
30159 Hannover.
Tel. 0511 - 3 65 950

Founded: 1984
Annual production: 6,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Hanöversch Pilsener Naturtrüb 4.7% 11.5º Infiltered Pils.  

Brewpub. Looks more like a nightclub than a pub.

Erste Rintelner Lokalitäten-Brauerei
Waldkaterallee 27,
31737 Rinteln.
Telefon: 05751 - 17980
Fax: 05751 - 179 883

Founded: 1989
Annual production: 1,200 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Hartinger Bräu Öko Pils 4.2%   Pils. Unfiltered.  
Hartinger Bräu Öko Dunkel 4.5%   Dark lager. Unfiltered.  
Hartinger Bräu Öko Hell 4.5%   Pale lager - Helles. Unfiltered.  
Hartinger Bräu Öko Ernteweizen     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  

Brewpub. Located in Hotel Der Waldkater. The beers are certified organic.

Opening times:
Mon - Sun 11:00 - 24:00

Wolfenbütteler Str. 33,
38102 Braunschweig.
Telefon: 0531 - 70 03 0
Telefax: 0531 - 70 03 338

Founded: 1871
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Feldschlößchen Pilsner 4.9%   Pils.  
Duckstein 4.9%   Alt. Brewed since 1989.
Pale amber colour, large-bubbled head: grass and cat piss aroma; sweetish taste with grass and caramel aromas: bitterish finish with pepper and resin aromas.
A pretty thin and unimpressive Alt. There's a little hoppiness in the finish. The original Königslutterscher Duckstein, a wheat beer, sounds far more interesting.
Tasted 23.11.2006

A Carlsberg subsidiary.

Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever GmbH & Co. KG
Elisabethufer 18,
26441 Jever.
Tel: 04461 - 13 0
Fax: 04461 - 13 101

Founded: 1848
Annual production: 1,500,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Jever Pilsener 5% 11.5º Pils. Colour 6 EBC, bitterness 40 EBU.  
Lever Light 2.85% Pils. Colour 6 EBC, bitterness 30 EBU.  
Jever Dark 5% 11.6º Dark lager. Colour 80 EBC, bitterness 30 EBU.
Almost black in colour: caramel, liquorice, grass and malt aroma; neutral taste with cream and toffee aromas; bitterish finish with cream aroma.
A bit bland, but with some OK malt flavours. It seems unsure of whether to be a münchner or a schwarzbier.

Bought by Bavaria-St.Pauli-Brauerei in 1922. In 1994 they were in turn bought by Brau & Brunnen AG. Became independent again in 1998 but only briefly, returning to the Brau & Brunnen fold in 2000.

Gifhorner Brauhaus
Schützenplatz 1,
38518 Gifhorn.
Tel: 05371 - 960 860
Fax: 05371 - 960 866

Founded: 1994
Annual production: 2,800 hl (2001)


Opening times:
Mon - Sat 17:00 - ,
Sun 10:00 -

Gilde Brauerei AG
Hildesheimer Str. 132,
30173 Hannover.
Postfach 22 47,
30022 Hannover.
Tel: 0511 - 98 080
Fax: 0511 - 98 08467

Founded: 1745
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lüttje Lagen 2.8% 7.5º Dark, top-fermented Schankbier. A sort of low-alcohol Alt that is traditional in Hannover. Meant to be drunk simultaneously with Korn (if you can mange two glasses in one hand).  
Gilde Pilsener 4.9% 11.3º Pils.  
Gilde Ratskeller 4.9% 11.7º Pils.  
Lindener Spezial 5.1% 12.3º Pale lager - Spezial.  

Owned by Inbev (bought by Interbrew in 2003).

Brauhaus Goslar
An der Abzucht 1a,
38640 Goslar.
Tel. 05321 - 68 58 04
Fax: 05321 - 68 58 05

Founded: 1985
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Helle Gose 4.9%   Gose. Unfiltered. Brewed with salt and coriander.  
Dunkle Gose     Dark Gose. Unfiltered. With a smoky flavour (according to the brewery). Aaaaah - I want to try this beer.  
Lautenthaler Zwergenbräu     Brewed for "Hotel und Restaurant Brauhausstuben" in Lautenthal.  
Kaiser Klee Gold     Brewed for "Restaurant Kaiserklee" in Goslar.  

Microbrewery. You can't help but admire any brewery that makes two different versions of Gose. And in Goslar, too, the home of the style.

Grafschafter Brauhaus
Vechteaue 2,
48529 Nordhorn.
Tel: 05921 - 723 988

Founded: 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Grafschafter Pils     Unfiltered Pils.  
Grafschafter Braunbier     Dark lager.  
Grafschafter Weizen     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  


Opening times:
Tue - Fri 17:00 - 02:00,
Sat - Sun 16:00 - 24:00,
Monday closed.

Privatbrauerei Haffner GmbH & Co. KG
Rosenstr. 10,
37170 Uslar.
Tel: 05571 - 92220
Fax: 05571 - 922225

Founded: 1868
Annual production: 25,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bergbräu Henry 4.5% 11.5º Pale lager - Helles.  
Bergbräu Pils 4.9% 11.7º Pils.  
Bergbräu Hefeweizen 4.9% 12.2º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Bergbräu Altstadt Dunkel 4.9% 12.2º Dark lager.  
Bergbräu Maibock 6% 16.2º Pale Bock. Seasonal - Spring.  
Bergbräu Doppelbock 6.5% 18.2º Doppelbock. Seasonal - Winter.  

Independent brewery. Owned by the 6th generation of the Haffner family.

Paul Lincke Treff Hahnenkleer Edelbräu
Oberförster Hermann Müller Weg 6,
38644 Goslar-Hahnenklee.
Tel: 05325 - 2272
Fax: 05325 - 528248

Founded: 2004
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Hahnenkleer Edelbräu     Unfiltered pale lager.  

Brewpub in a house that once belonged to composer Paul Lincke.

Opening times:
Fri 20:00 - open end.

Privatbrauerei Härke KG
Am Werderpark 5,
31224 Peine.
Tel: 05171 - 4050
Fax: 05171 - 405 130

Founded: 1890
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Härke Pils 4.9% 11º Pils.  
Härke Dunkel 5.2% 12º Drak lager.  

Independent brewery. Owned by the Härke family since 1890.

Brauerei Herrenhausen KG
Herrenhäuser Straße 83-99,
30419 Hannover.
Tel: 0511 - 79070
Fax: 0511 - 279 5759

Founded: 1868
Annual production: 300,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lüttje Lage     Dark top-fermented beer. A speciality of Hannover, a sort of Schankbier Alt. Meant to be drunk with Korn, both glasses being held in the same hand.  
Herrenhäuser Icebeer 4.6%   Pale lager. "ein Bier ohne bitteren Nachgeschmack" (" beer without a bitter aftertaste") the brewery says. As if the name ice wasn't enough to put you off.  
Herrenhäuser Premium Pilsener 4.9%   PIls.  
Herrenhäuser Weizen Bier 5.5%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  

Independent brewery. Owned by the fifth generation of the Middendorff family.

Brauhaus Gaststätten GmbH "Hildesheimer Pott-Bräu"
Speicherstraße 9,
31134 Hildesheim.
Tel: 05121 - 131 212
Fax: 05121 - 131 217

Founded: 1991 CLOSED 2002
Annual production:


Hofbrauhaus Wolters
Wolfenbütteler Str. 39,
38102 Braunschweig.
Tel: 0531 - 27180
Fax: 0531 - 271 8360

Founded: 1627
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Wolters Pilsener 4.8% 11.1-11.3º Pils.  
Wolters Pilsener Premium 4.8% 11.2-11.4º Pils.  
Schwarzer Herzog 5% 11.4-11.6º Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  

Owned by Inbev.

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht
Winsener Strasse 34d,
29614 Soltau
Tel.: 05191 - 97 63 13
Fax: 05191 - 97 63 17

Founded: 1998
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Messing     Unfiltered pale lager.  
Kupfer     Unfiltered dark lager.  

Brewpub. Part of the Joh. Albrecht chain.

Opening times:
Mon - Sun 12:00 - 01:00

Klüsker Waldbräu
Am Klusbrink 19
31675 Bückeburg.
Tel: 05722 - 951 20
Fax: 05722 - 9512 50

Founded: 2002
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Klüsker Waldbräu Hell     Unfiltered pale lager - Helles.  
Klüsker Waldbräu Dunkel     Unfiltered dark lager.  
Klüsker Waldbräu Weizen     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Klüsker Waldbräu Kristall Pilsener     Filtered Pils.  


Brauerei Kolberg
Breite Straße 29,
38707 Altenau.
Tel: 05328 - 217

Annual production: 8,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Altenauer Edel-Pils 4.8%   Pils.  
Altenauer Dunkel-Bier 5%   Dark lager.  
Altenauer Export 5%   Pale lager - Export.  
Harzer Urstoff 5%   Unfiltered pale lager.  
Altenauer Maibock Hell 6.5%   Pale Bock. Seasonal - Spring.  

Independent brewery.

Hausbrauerei Kornhus
Markstraße 13,
31848 Bad Münder.
Tel.: 05042 - 3074
Fax: 05042 - 7312

Founded: 1989
Annual production: 1,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Kornhus Helles 4.9%   Unfiltered pale lager - Helles.  
Kornhus Dunkel 5.1%   Unfiltered dark lager.  


Opening times:
Mon - Fri 11:00 - 14:30 and 17:30 - ,
Sat - Sun 11:00 -

Küstenbrauerei zu Werdum
Edenserloogerstraße 4,
26427 Werdum.
Tel: 04974 - 546
Fax: 04974 - 1339

Founded: 2001
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Watt-n-Bier Pilsener     Unfiltered Pils.  
Watt-n-Bier Dunkle     Unfiltered dark lager.  
Watt-n-Bier Weizenbier     Unfiltered pale wheat beer. Seasonal - Summer.  
Watt-n-Bier Bockbier     Unfiltered Bock. Seasonal.  

Brewpub. In Kurhotel Werdumer Hof.

Landhaus Brauerei Privatbrauerei Borchert GmbH
Heinrich-Schulte-Straße 2,
48480 Lünne.
Fon: 05906 - 92060
Fax: 05906 - 92061

Founded: 1997
Annual production: 2,000 hl (2001)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Emsländer-Pilsener 4.6%   Unfiltered Pils.  
Emsländer-Braunes     Unfiltered Braunbier.  
Emsländer Dinkelbier     Unfiltered spelt beer. Seasonal - March to October.  


Lübener Tenne Gasthaus Wolter
OT Lüben Nr. 1,
29378 Wittingen.
Tel: 05831 - 7120
Fax: 05831 - 7515

Founded: 1995
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Lübener Tennenbräu      


Mälzer Brau- und Tafelhaus
Heiligengeiststr. 43,
21335 Lüneburg.
Tel: 04131 - 477 77
Fax: 04131 - 478 87

Founded: 1997
Annual production:


Opening times:
Mon - Sat 09:00 - ,
Sun and public holidays 11:00 - 22:00

Hausbrauerei Meierhof
Ahnserstr. 1,
31683 Obernkirchen/Vehlen
Tel: 05724 - 397 726
Fax: 05724 - 397 727

Founded: 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Meierhöfer Hell     Unfiltered pale lager - Helles.  
Meierhöfer Dunkel     Unfiltered dark lager.  
Meierhöfer Weizen     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  


Braugasthaus Mühlengrund
Mühlenstrasse 1,
29342 Wienhausen.
Tel: 05149 - 331
Fax 05149 - 1383

Founded: 1997
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Wienhäuser Naturtyp Helles     Unfiltered pale lager - Helles.  
Wienhäuser Naturtyp Dunkles     Unfiltered dark lager.  
Wienhäuser Naturtyp Maibock     Unfiltered pale Bock. Seasonal - Spring.  
Wienhäuser Naturtyp Winterbock     Unfiltered dark Bock. Seasonal - Winter.  


Opening times:
Summer (01.05.-31.10.) Mon 18:00 - ,
Tue - Sat 12:00 -14:00,
Sun 12:00 - .
Winter (01.11.-30.04.) Tue - Fri 18:00 - ,
Sat 12:00 - 14:00 and 18:00 - ,
Sun 12:00 -

Münchhausen Brauhaus
Gosse Str. 5,
37619 Bodenwerder.

Founded: 2002
Annual production:


Gasthausbrauerei und Brennerei Nolte
Dahlenburger Landstraße 102-104,
21337 Lüneburg.
Tel: 04131 - 52 232
Fax: 04131 - 58 774

Founded: 1997
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Pilsener-Hell     Unfiltered Pils.  
Pilsener-Dunkel     Unfiltered dark lager.  


Opening times:
Mon - Sat 16:00 - ,
Sun 11:00 - 14:30 and 16:00 -

Ostfriesen Bräu - Historische Landbrauerei mit Brauhaus
Voerstad 8,
26629 Großefehn-Bagband.
Tel: 04946 - 203
Fax: 04946 - 1055

Founded: 1999
Annual production: 3,500 hl (2005, capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Ostfriesen Bräu Landbier dunkel   11.5º Unfiltered dark lager.  


Opening times:
April to October: Mon - Sat 11:00 - 23:00;
November to March: Mon - Thur 16:00 - 22:00,
Fri - Sun 11:00 - 22:00

Hausbrauerei Rampendahl Osnabrück
Hasestrasse 35, 52.27841, 8.04352
49074 Osnabrück.
Tel: 0541 - 24535

Founded: 1993
Annual production: hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Rampendahl Hell 4.8% 11.5º Pale lager.  
Rampendahl Dunkel 5.2% 12.5º Dark lager.  


Ratsbrauhaus Bad Gandersheimer
Markt 10,
37581 Bad Gandersheim.
Tel: 05382 / 10 61
Fax: 05382 / 93 26 97

Founded: 1999
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Köhler´s Bräu     Unfiltered amber lager.  

Brewpub. There are sister brewpubs in Hann. Münden and Alfeld. All are in town halls.

Opening times:
Tue - Fri 17:00 -,
Sat 15:00 - ,
Sun 11:00 - ,
Monday closed.

Ratsbrauhaus Köhler´s Bräu GmbH
Marktplatz 3,
34346 Hann. Münden
Telefon: 05541-957107
Fax 05541-957108

Founded: 2003
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Köhler´s Bräu     Unfiltered amber lager.  


Opening times:
Tue - Sun 11:00 - ,
Monday closed.

Marktplatz 1,
31061 Alfeld (Leine).
Tel: 05181-852868
Fax: 05382-852994

Founded: 2002
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Köhler´s Bräu     Unfiltered amber lager.  


Opening times:
Tue - Sun 17:00 - ,
Monday closed.

Brauerei Röhr Bräu
Grießemer Str. 2a,
32683 Barntrup/Sonneborn.
Tel: 05263 - 3811
Fax: 05263 - 955255

Founded: 1991
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Helles     Unfiltered Pils.  
Dunkles     Unfiltered dark lager.  
Weizen     Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  


Rupp Bräu GmbH
Feggendorfer Straße 10,
31867 Lauenau.
Tel: 05043 - 2275
Fax: 05043 - 1507

Annual production: 3,500 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Rupp Bräu Dunkles Leichtbier   7.5º Low-alcohol dark lager.  
Rupp Bräu Pilsener   12º Pils.  
Rupp Bräu Dunkel   13.5º Dark lager.  
Rupp Bräu Doppelbock   18º Pale Doppelbock. Seasonal - May to October  
Rupp Bräu Doppelbock   18º Dark Doppelbock. Seasonal - November to April.  


Schadt´s Brauerei Gasthaus
Marstall 2,
38100 Braunschweig.
Tel: 0531 - 400 349
Fax: 0531 - 124 555

Founded: 1985
Annual production: 1500 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schadt´s Pilsener     Pils.  
Schadt´s Märzen     Märzen  
Schadt´s Weizen     Wheat beer.  
Schadt´s Mai-Bockbier     Bock. Seasonal - May.  
Schadt´s Oktober Bockbier     Bock. Seasonal - October.  

Brewpub. The same people also own Zum Löwen Brauerei Gasthaus.

Opening times:
Tue - Sat 12:00 - 44:00,
Sunday and Monday closed.

Schaumburger Privat-Brauerei
St. Annen 11,
31655 Stadthagen.
Tel: 05721 - 97 700
Fax: 05721 - 97 7040

Founded: 1873
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schaumburger Pilsener 4.8%   Pils.  
Schaumburger Edel-Herb 4.8%   Pils.  
Schaumburger Land-Bier 4.8%   Dark lager.  
Schaumburger Keller-Bier 4.8%   Unfiltered pale lager.  
Schaumburger Privat-Bock 6.5%   Dark Bock. Seasonal - winter.  
Schaumburger Lüttje Lage 3%   Top-fermented, dark beer.  

Independent brewery.

Schnuckenbräu Meyer Brau-KG
29664 Walsrode.
Tel: 05161 - 970 144
Fax: 05161 - 970 149

Founded: 2000
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schnucken Pils 4.8% 11.6º Unfiltered pils.  
Schnucken Dunkel 4.8% 11.6º Unfiltered dark lager.  
Schnucken Weiße 5% 12.5º Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Schnucken Märzen     Unfiltered Märzen. Seasonal - March.  
Schnucken Bock     Unfiltered Bock. Seasonal - christmas.  


Satkau Nr. 1,
29459 Clenze.
Tel: 05844 - 630
Fax: 05844 - 976 402

Founded: 2004
Annual production:


Privatbrauerei Wittingen GmbH
Ernst-Stackmann-Straße 7,
29378 Wittingen.
05831 / 255 0
05831 / 255 69

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Wittinger Premium 4.9%   Pils.  
Stackmann's Dunkel 5%   Dark lager.  
1429 - Das Original 5.6%   Pale lager - Spezial.  

Independent brewery.

Brauhaus Wolpertinger
Marstallstraße 1,
38640 Goslar.
Tel: 05321 - 22155
Fax: 05321 - 46206

Founded: **** NO LONGER BREWS ****
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Wolpertinger Pilsener Spezial     Pils.  
Wolpertinger Naturtrüb     Unfiltered pale lager.  
Wolpertinger Gold     Pale lager.  
Wolpertinger Schwarzbier     Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  

Brewpub. Owned by Binding (who are in turn owned by Oetker).

Opening times:
Mon - Fri 12:00 - 14:00 and 17:00 - ,
Sat 11:00 -
Sun 10:00 -

Zum Löwen Brauerei Gasthaus
Waisenhausdamm 13,
38100 Braunschweig.
Tel: 0531-12 45 11
Fax: 0531-12 45 55

Founded: 2001
Annual production: 2,400 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schadt´s Pilsener     Pils.  
Schadt´s Märzen     Märzen  
Schadt´s Weizen     Wheat beer.  
Schadt´s Mai-Bockbier     Bock. Seasonal - May.  
Schadt´s Oktober Bockbier     Bock. Seasonal - October.  

Brewpub. The same people also own Schadt´s Brauerei Gasthaus.

Opening times:
Mon - Fri 12:00 - 14:30 and 17:30 - 24:00,
Sat 12:00 - 24:00,
Sunday closed.

Bremen Breweries

Haake-Beck Brauerei GmbH
Am Deich 18/19,
28199 Bremen.
Tel.: 0421 - 509 40
Fax: 0421 - 509 4667

Annual production: 5,740,000 hl

Beer alc Description score (100)
Haake-Beck Pils 4.8% Pils.  
Haake-Beck Kräusen 4.8% Unfiltered pale lager.
Cream and butter aroma; sweetish taste with hop, butter and pepper aromas; bitter taste with butter and wood aromas. A very tasty beer.
Haake-Beck Dunkel 4.9% Dark lager.  
Haake-Beck Export 5.2% Pale lager.  
Haake-Beck Edel-Hell 4.7% Pale lager.  
Haake-Beck Maibock 6.9% Pale bock. Seasonal Feb - May.  
Beck's Vier 4% Pils. A weaker version of the Pilsener specially brewed for the UK market. An "extra-cold" beer: i.e. chilled to the point of tastelessness. Isn´t it great to see how Inbev keep debelopping exciting new products?  
Beck's Gold 4.9% Pale lager. The first German beer in a clear bottle.
"The modern brand for modern people" Interbrew calls it. Sadly, their website doesn't bother us with boring facts such as what style of beer it is.
The idiotic clear glass bottle is intended to imitate similarly stupidly-packaged Mexican beers. Gold is meant to be drunk straight from the bottle - a custom that is both philistine and unhygenic.
Interbrew had noticed that some consumers find Beck's Pilsener too bitter. Gold is their solution. So I guess it's like a pils, but without hops. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?
Beck's Pilsener 5% Pils. This is Inbev's description of the beer: "Beck's is the only beer brand in Germany with international standing, one that exudes a feeling of freedom, self-awareness and openness to the world."
Resin, vanilla and metal aroma; bitter taste with grass, tobacco malt and coriander aromas; very bitter finish with tobacco, grass and wood aromas.
Not a bad German-style pils. The aroma isn't great, but it's pleasantly hoppy in the mouth. The finish is long and bitter - what you expect from a pils.

Haake was founded 1801, Beck's 1873. The two merged in 1921. Beck's was exclusively an export beer after the merger - it wasn't sold in Germany until 1949.

In 2002 bought by Interbrew (now Inbev). Inbev Deutschland is now Germany´s largest brewer. Inbev´s product innovations mostly revolve around finding ways to remove any annoying flavour from their beers - abominations such as Beck´s Gold and Vier. How long before they get standard Beck´s down to the dismal level of their other "flagship" beers?

Restaurant Borgfelder Landhaus
Warfer Landstr. 73,
28357 Bremen.
Tel: 0421 - 2777 147
Fax: 0421 - 2777 149

Founded: 1999
Annual production: 1,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Borgfelder Urtrüb 4.8% 12° Unfiltered pale lager - Helles.  
Lilienthaler Dunkel 4.8% 12° Unfiltered dark lager.  
Sommerweizen     Pale unfiltered wheat beer. Seasonal - summer.  
Frühlingsbier     Seasonal - spring.  
Herbststurm     Seasonal - autumn.  
Winterbock     Dark Bock. Seasonal - winter.  


Schüttinger Erste Bremer Gasthausbrauerei
Hinter dem Schütting 12-13,
28195 Bremen.
Tel: 0421 - 337 6633
Fax: 0421 - 337 6699

Founded: 1990
Annual production: 1,200 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Helles 5.1%   Pale lager.  
Dunkles     Dark lager.  
Maibock     Pale Bock. Seasonal - Spring.  


Speicher Hausbrauerei
Van-Ronzelen-Str 18,
27568. Bremerhaven.
Tel: 0471 417788
Fax: 0471 417155

Founded: 1995
Annual production:


Hausbrauerei Stierbräu
Kreuzweg 9,
49377 Vechta.
Tel: 04441 - 918883

Founded: 2005
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Stierbräu Hell 5.2%   Pale lager. Unfiltered.  
Stierbräu Dunkel 5.4%   Dark lager. Unfiltered.  
Stierbräu Schwarz 5.4%   Dark lager - Schwarzbier. Unfiltered.  


Stuhrer Mühle
Blockener Straße 10,
28816 Stuhr.
Tel: 0421 - 562 765
Fax: 0421 - 563 330

Founded: 1988
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Mühlen-Bräu Hell     Unfiltered pale lager.  
Mühlen-Bräu Dunkel     Unfiltered dark lager.  


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