Düsseldorf Breweries
City - Around Düsseldorf


This a short list of the breweries in and around Düsseldorf and the beers which they sell. The local brewers, especially the smaller ones, have done good work in helping to maintain the tradition of top-fermented beer.

Sales of Alt fell worryingly between 2001 and 2005 - almost 30% - much more than the beer market as a whole. If this trend continues, I would expect another of the industrial brewers to close.

Breweries large and small

As everywhere in the German brewing industry, consolidation, especially amongst the middle-sized breweries, continues. Gatzweiler was bought and quickly closed by the Oettinger Brauerei, production moving to the Hannen brewery Mönchengladbach. When Schlösser, a subsidiary of Brau & Brunnen, closed in 2003, Frankenheim became the only industrial-strength brewery in Düsseldorf.

Luckily, this process has not affected the small Altbier brewers - Füchschen, Schlüssel, Schumacher, Uerige - who continue much as before. Given their central role in Düsseldorf life, it's hard to imagine the city without them.

The largest altbier brewers - alt production (in hectolitres)
Rank Brewery 2001 2002 2004 2005
1 Diebels 1,518,000 1,438,000 1,076,000* 922,000
2 Frankenheim 512,000 545,000 307,000 273,000
3 Hannen (incl. Gatzweiler) 300,000* 275,000 150,000* 130,000*
4 Schlösser (Alt) 275,000 255,000 140,000* 130,000
5 Rhenania, Krefeld N.A. 47,000 31,000 25,000
6 Oettinger (brewed outside NRW) N.A. 31,000 90,000* 105,000*
  Other (within NRW) 398,012 316,621    
  Total (Nordrhein-Westfalen) 2,728,012 2,876,621 2,180,751 1,927,007
Years 2001 and 2002: Brauwelt 43/2003 (p.1300)
Years 2004 and 2005: Brauwelt 22-23/2003 (p.646)
* estimated

Düsseldorf Breweries
Düsseldorf city

This is a list of the breweries in the city itself. It includes the four long-established brewpubs, the large commercial breweries plus a couple of more recently-opened brewpubs.

Brauerei Ferdinand Schumacher
Oststraße 123,
40210 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-326004
Email: Info@schumacher-alt.de
Website: http://www.schumacheraltbier.de/

Annual production: 34,000 hl (2005)

Beer alc Description score
Schumacher Alt 4.6% Alt.
Hop, resin, smoke and citrus aroma; sweetish/very bitter taste with resin, toast and hop aromas; very bitter finish with resin and hop aromas.
Beautifully hoppy and uncompromisingly bitter.
Schumacher Jung 3.1% Alt.  
Schumacher Latzenbier 5.5% Alt.
A special stronger version of the alt. Available on the 3rd Thursday of March, September and November. In the 19th century the brewer would keep back a particularly good batch of beer for his best customers, storing the barrels on laths ("Latte" in German).

The Schumacher family moved into the brewing business in 1838 when Joh. Matthias Schumacher bought the "Im Sonnenaufgang“ brewery at Citadellstr. 12. His son, Ferdinand Schumacher I, moved the operation to Oststrasse on (what was then) the edge of town in 1871. They're still there today, despite the total destruction of the pub by bombs in 1943.

In 1955 Ferdinand Schumacher III sold the brewery to his nephew, Hans Schnitzler. The Schnitzler family continue to operate the brewery.

Privatbrauerei Frankenheim
Wielandstraße 12,
40211 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-169020
Fax: 0211-365054
E-Mail: info@frankenheim.de
Website: http://www.frankenheim.de/

Annual production: 545,000 hl (2002), 465,000 (2004)

Beer alc Description score
Frankenheim Alt 4.8% Alt.
Amber colour with a thin, uneven head; toast, dust, pepper and mushroom aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with grass and pepper aromas; bitterish finish with pepper, grass, resin and mushroom aromas.
Has got noticeably worse since I last tasted it - not as bitter and with a funny mushroom taste. Quite poor. (Bottled version)
Tasted 18.06.2007.
Frankenheim 7.0 7% Alt  

In May 2005 Warsteiner bought 60% of the shares. The remaining 40% are still owned by Paul Frankenheim.

Brauerei Im Füchschen
Ratingerstraße 28,
40213 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-134470
Fax: 0211-1374747
Email: info@fuechschen.de
Website: http://www.fuechschen.de/

Annual production: 17,000 hl

Beer alc Description
Füchschen Alt 4.5%  
Silberfüchschen   Wheat beer.
Füchschen Weihnachsbier   Seasonal - Christmas.

Gatzweiler Brauhaus
Belsenplatz 2,
40545 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-559339

Annual production: +- 2,500 hl *** CLOSED ***

Beer alc Description

Subsidiary of Gebr. Gatzweiler.

It looks like this is what we got in return for the closure of the industrial strength Gatzweiler brewery (see below): a brewpub. Doesn't appear to have been around for long.

Gebr. Gatzweiler
Viersenerstr. 52-58,
40549 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-50630
Website: http://www.gatz.de/
Email: info@gatz.de

Annual production: +- 400,000 hl *** CLOSED ***

Beer alc Description
Gatzweilers Alt   Alt.

Seems to have been taken over and closed by Hannen. The brand, for the time being, seems to live on, emerging from the parent company's plant in Mönchengladbach. The ultimate owner of both is Brauhaus Oettingen (Denmark's Carlsberg sold them on in 2003).

Hirsch Brauerei
Kasernenstr. 1,
40213 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-169020

Annual production: ? hl

Beer alc Description
Düssel Alt   Alt.

Owned by the Monheimer Brauerei.

I have a strong suspicion this brewery no longer exists. The brand Düssel Alt certainly does, as I can tell from its otherwise almost totally unimformative website (http://www.duesselalt.de/). They must be brewing it somewhere, but I haven't been able to discover where. If you know E-mail me here .

Brauhuas Joh. Albrecht
Niederkasselerstr. 102,
40547 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-169020

Annual production: 800 hl

Part of the Joh. Albrecht chain of brewpubs.

Brauerei Schlösser
Münsterstraße 156,
40476 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-446289
Website: http://www.schloesser-alt.de/

Annual production: 255,000 hl (2002) *** CLOSED ***

Beer alc Description
Schlösser Alt 4.8% Alt.

Subsidiary of Brau & Brunnen.

The brewery closed in 2003.

Zum Schlüssel
Bolkerstraße 43-47,
40213 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211 - 326155
Fax: 0211 - 135 159
Email: info@zumschluessel.de

Annual production: 17,500 hl (2005)

Beer alc Description
Schlüssel Alt   Alt.

Subsidiary of Gatzweiler.

Zum Uerige
Bergstraße 1,
40213 Düsseldorf.
Tel. 0211-866990
Website: http://www.uerige.de/

Annual production: 20,000 hl (2005)

Beer alc Description
Uerige Alt 4.3% Alt. Ingredients: 96% pils malt, 4% cara malt, Perle, Spalter and Hallertauer whole hops. Lagered for 4 weeks. Bitterness 50 EBU.
Uerige Weizen 4.5% Wheat beer.
Uerige Sticke 7.1% Alt. Seasonal - the third Tuesday in January and October.
Uerige Doppel Sticke 8.5% Strong Alt. A super-strong version of Sticke made exclusively for the American market.

Brewpub. Twice a year - the third Tuesday in January and October - a stronger beer, called "Sticke" (it's a dialect word meaning "secret", related to the Dutch word "stiekem"), is tapped in Uerige. It's a lot heavier and sweeter than the standard alt. Personally, I prefer the latter. Each brew can be different, so don't assume it will always be the above strength. What is certain, is that it sells for the same price as the standard Alt.

About half of the beer produced is sold in the brewpub itself.

Düsseldorf Breweries
Around Düsseldorf

This is a list of other breweries close to Düsseldorf (yes, I am well enough acquainted with geography to know this can't really be applied to Hamburg) whose beers are listed in the pubs section.

Bitburger Brauerei Th. Simon GmbH
Römermauer 3,
54634 Bitburg.
Tel: 06561 - 140
Fax: 06561 - 142 289
Email: info@bitburger.de
Homepage: http://www.bitburger.de/

Annual production: 4,870,00 hl (2003), 4,130,000 hl (2004)

Beer alc Description score (100)
Bitburger Premium Pils 4.6% (OG 1043-1046) Pils.
Spice, pepper and malt aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with tobacco, malt and hop aromas; bitter finish with butter, tobacco and wood aromas.
A straightforward and fairly dull German-style pils. Easy-drinking and inoffensive.

Bitburger Gruppe. A one product brewery.

Privatbrauerei BOSCH GmbH & Co OHG
Steinackerstraße 15,
57334 Bad Laasphe.
Tel: 02752 - 47620
Fax: 02752 - 476244
Email: info@brauerei-bosch.de

Founded: 1705
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Bosch Pils 4.9% 11.5° Pils.  
Bosch Lager 4.9%   Pale lager - Helles.  
Bosch´s Braunbier 5% 12.2° Amber lager.  
Bosch Porter 5.3% 16° Porter. The brewery says that it uses a "special yeast". Whether this is top- or bottom-fermenting isn´t stated.  
Bosch Weizen 5.4%   Filtered pale wheat beer.  
Bosch Maibock 6.8% 16.4° Pale Bock. Seasonal - spring.  
Bosch Doppelbock 8% 18.6° Dark Doppelbock. Seasonal.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei Brinkhoff
Lütgendortmunder Hellweg 242,
44388 Dortmund.
Tel: 0231 - 61 83-01
Fax: 0231 - 61 83-300
Email: info@brinkhoffs.de

Founded: 1844 ***** CLOSED 2006 *****
Annual production: 2,500,000 hl (capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Brinkhoff's No. 1 5% 11.4º Pils.  
Brinkhoff´s Dunkel 5%   Dark lager.  
Dortmunder Union Export 5.3%   Pale lager - Export.
Very pale yellow colour with a fine, lasting head; grass, pine, pepper and clove aroma; sweetish taste with honey, caramel and pepper aromas; bitter finish with wood, pine and grass aromas.
A surprisingly good industrial pale lager. Fits together a hoppy aroma with a sweet malty taste pretty well. It only smells slightly of cat pee.

The former Dortmunder Union-Brauerei (DUB), which in the 1960's was Germany's largest brewery. It merged with Dortmunder Ritter in 1995. The name was changed to Brauerei Brinkhoff in 2002. The current brewery is on the former Dortmunder Ritter site.

You can't accuse Brinkoff of the same sin as DAB - too many similar pale lagers - because they've stripped their beer range to the bones. The one they make no effort to publicise is the beer that made them fanous: Export. I thought they had stopped brewing it. I could find no mention of it on theri website. That tells you what they thinmk of its long-term prospects.

It's great to see the classic "brewing mistake" story used to explain the origin of DUB's first pale lager in 1887. According to their website, the brewer "accidentally" used pils malt. Total load of bollocks, if you ask me. What was the malt doing in the brewery if they weren't going to use it to brew a pale beer? In the 19th century dark lagers were made from 100% dark malt. As pils malt was quite a bit more expensive, they must have deliberately bought it to brew a pale lager. Anyway, only a total idiot wouldn't be able to spot the difference between pils and münchner malt at a glance.

Part of Brau & Brunnen. This has , in turn, been bought by Oetker (as has Radeberger-Gruppe) leaving all Dortmund's breweries with a single owner. Brinkhoff's closed in 2006.

DUB output
year output (hl)
1888 75,000
1900 194,000
1929 1,000,000
1954 1,000,000
1965 1,800,000
1973 2,000,000
1985 1,700,000
1991 1,300,000
Brinkhoff's website
"Die Biere Deutschlands" Höllhuber & Kaul, 1993

Privatbrauerei Diebels
Brauerei-Diebels-str. 1,
47661 Issum.
Tel.: 02835 - 300
Fax: 02835 - 30 145
Email: vertrieb-deutschland@diebels.de
Homepage: http://www.diebels.de/

Annual production: +- 1,700,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Diebels Alt 4.8%   Alt.  
Diebels Light     Alt.  
Diebels Plato 13 6% 13º Alt. No longer brewed.  
Diebels Pils 4.9%   Pils.
Very pale yellow colour with a dense white head; grass, tobacco and pepper aroma; bitterish taste with butter, pepper and grass aromas; bitterish finish with tobacco, grass and pepper aromas.
Much better than I expected. Quite acceptable - hoppy and with no weird flavours.
Tasted 13.06.2007.

The largest alt producer. It used to be the largest brewery in Germany producing only top-fermenting beer, until Inbev took over and introduced a pils (how imaginative).

Owned by Inbev.

Dortmunder Actien-Brauerei
Steigerstr. 20,
44145 Dortmund.
Tel.: 0231 - 84 00 - 0
Fax: 0231 - 84 00 - 34 0
Email: marketing@dab.de

Founded: 1867
Annual production: 3,600,000 hl (2001) 4,000,000 (capacity)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
DAB Original 4.8% 11.2º Pale lager - Helles. Bitterness: 22 EBU.  
DAB Pilsener 4.8% 11.3º Pils. Bitterness: 34 EBU.  
DAB Diät-Pils 4.8% 11.2º Pils.  
DAB Strong 4.9% 11.3º Pils. Bitterness: 42 EBU. The word "strong" obviously isn't being used in its English sense.  
DAB Export 5% 11.8º Pale lager - Export. Bitterness: 25 EBU.  
Stifts Pils 4.9% 11.3º Pils. Bitterness: 29 EBU. A product from another Dortmund brewery swallowed up by DAB.  
Clarissen Alt 4.8% 11.3º Alt. Bitterness: 33 EBU.  
Thier Pils 4.9% 11.3º Pils. Bitterness: 33 EBU. A beer from another Dortmund brewery closed by DAB.  
Andreas Pils 4.9% 11.2º Pils. Bitterness: 29 EBU.  
Hövel's Bitterbier 5.5% 12.5º Alt. Bitterness: 32 EBU.  
Hansa Pils 4.8% 11º Pils.  
Hansa Export 5% 12º Pale lager - Export.
Very pale yellow colur with a dense white head; tobacco and pepper aroma; sweetish/bitterish taste with butter, malt and pepper aromas; bitterish finsih with tobacco, pepper and malt aromas.
A bit pale and weak for a Dortmunder. Quite bland, but not nasty tasting.
Tasted 15.06.2007.
Hansa Alt 4.8% 11.15º Alt. Bitterness: 31 EBU, colour: 39 EBC.  
Hansa Hefeweizen 4.9% 11.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer. Bitterness: 19 EBU, colour: 12 EBC.  
Dortmunder Kronen Pilsener 4.8% 11.3º Pils. Bitterness: 34 EBU.  
Dortmunder Kronen Export 5% 11.8º Pale lager - Export. Bitterness: 25 EBU.  
Dortmunder Kronen Classic 4.8% 11.2º Pale lager - Helles. Bitterness: 22 EBU.  

I was very disappointed when I discovered what the "Actien" in the brewery's name meant. They brew an astonishing range of pale lagers of pretty much the same strength. The identical specifications of the DAB and Kronen Pilsener/Export/Classic leads me to suspect that they are the same beers.

In 1983 a new brewery was built on the old Hansa site to brew both the DAB and Hansa beers. The Kronen brewery was closed in 1997.

The brewery was bought by Binding Brauerei in 1991 and is now part of the Radeberger-Gruppe. This has , in turn, been bought by Oetker (as has Brau & Brunnen) leaving all Dortmund's breweries under one ownership. Brinkhoff's is due to close in 2006 and production will transfer to the DAB plant.

DAB output
year output (hl)
1885 100,000
1913 250,000
1930 770,000
1959 1,000,000
1965 2,400,000
1968 1,600,000
1984 2,800,000
1991 2,867,000
Source: DAB website.
"Die Biere Deutschlands" Höllhuber & Kaul, 1993

Kronen output
year output (hl)
1870 14,000
1874 41,000
1939 420,000
1954 400,000
1964 1,000,000
Source: Kronen website.

DAB/Kronen takeovers
year bought year closed brewery
1971   Hansa (Dortmund) (by DAB)
1987 1996 Dortmunder Stifts-Brauerei (by Kronen)
1992 1992 Thier (Dortmund) (by Kronen)
1996 1997 Dortmunder Kronen (by DAB)
DAB website
NRW archive

Gemünder Brauerei
Kölner Straße 69,
53937 Schleiden
Tel: 02444 - 2723
Fax: 02444 - 3642

Founded: 1961
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Gemünder Alt 4.6%   Alt.  
Gemünder Krönes Eifeler Landbier 5.1%   Unfiltered pale lager.  
Gemünder Pilsener 4.6%   Pils.  
Gemünder Spezial 4.9%   Pale lager - Helles.  
urGemünder Obergärig 5.1%   Blond top-feremnting beer - a Kölsch in all but name.
Very pale yellow colour with a dense white head; grass, pepper and resin aromas; sweetish/bitterish taste with butter, malt, tobacco and resin aromas; bitterish finish with tobacco, pepper and resin aromas.
Very much like a Kölsch - a little sweetness and plenty of gentle hoppiness. Reasonable enough, if unexciting.
Tasted 16.06.2007.
Gemünder Hell 5.1%   Pale lager - Helles.  

Independent brewery.

Brauerei August Gleumes
Sternstr 12-14,
47798 Krefeld.
Tel: 02151 - 60 15 39
Fax: 02151 - 80 28 05
Email: info@brauerei-gleumes.de

Founded: 1896
Annual production:

Beer alc Description score (100)
Gleumes Lager   An amber-coloured top-fermenting altbier. Uses Hallertauer hops.
Note the to Anglo-Saxon ears strange sounding "top-fermenting lager" name. In this case it refers to a beer that has been lagered - undergone a long, slow secondary fermentation at a very low temperature. There is nothing to say that to undergo this process there has to have been a primary bottom-fermentation. Kölsch and Düsseldorf Alt are good examples of beers made this way. It's how ale brewers in the Rhineland adapted to technological change (artificial refrigeration) and the challenge of imported beer (from Bavaria) swamping the market after German unification. They stuck to top-fermentation, but adopted techniques - long lagering in very cool cellars - that had been developed in Bavaria to produce bottom-fermenting beers.
Gleumes Hell   A pale top-fermenting beer brewed since 2001. Made from pilsner malt and Hallertauer hops.  
Gleumes Weizen   An unfiltered pale what beer brewed since 2001. Made from pale malt, pale wheat malt, Hallertauer hops and a Bavarian wheat beer yeast..  

A small brewery that is refreshing in its enthusiam for top-fermenting and in making a range of styles at the same time. It's been in the possession of the August Gleumes family since 1896.

There is a brewery tap (which I assume is at the same address as the brewery):

Opening times: Mon. - Fri.: 11:30 - 14:30 & 17:00 - 01:00
Sat. -. Sun: 11:30 - 01:00

A corner pub, rebuilt about 1900 which used to house the brewery.

Hannen Brauerei
Senefelderstr. 25,
41066 Mönchengladbach.
Tel: 02161 - 66670
Fax: 02161 - 667 326

Annual production: 1,195,000 hl

Beer alc Description score (100)
Hannen Alt 4.8% Alt.
Dark amber colour, uneven head; nuts, pepper and resin aroma; sweetish/bitter taste with toast, pepper and milk aromas; bitter finish with pepper, resin, toast and roast aromas.
Much better than I expected. Intensely bitter and with some pleasant malt flavours. (Bottled version)
Tasted 18.06.2007.
Gatz Alt 4.8% Alt.  

Owned by the Oettinger Brauerei. It has taken over the brewing of Gatzweiler's since that brewery was closed.

The Hannen and Gatz Alt brands are owned by Carlsberg and will most likely be moved to another of the group's German breweries.

Herforder Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG
Gebr. - Uekermann-Strasse 1,
32120 Hiddenhausen.
Tel.: 05221 - 9650
Fax: 05221 - 965 202
E-Mail: info@herforder.de
Homepage: http://www.herforder.de

Founded: 1878
Annual production: 565,000 hl

Beer alc Plato Description Score (100)
Herforder Mild Plus 4.9%   Pale lager.  
Herforder 4.8%   Pils.  
Herforder Export 5.2% 12.5° Pale lager - Export.  
Herforder Felsenkeller Premium Lager Dunkel 5.2%   Dark lager. First brewed in 2002.  
Herforder Schwarzbier %   Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  
Herforder Maibock 6.6%   Pale Bock. Seasonal - spring.  
Herforder Weihnacht 5.8%   Amber lager - Märzen.  

Independent brewery.

Brauhaus Hibernia
Werner Wulfert Brauhaus GmbH,
Bahnhofsvorplatz 2,
45879 Gelsenkirchen.
Tel. 0209 - 208 531
Fax: 0209 - 146 677
Homepage: http://www.brauhaus-hibernia.de/

Founded: 1995
Annual production: 1,500 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Gruben Gold 4.6% 11.5º Unfiltered pale lager (Helles).  
Ruhr Pott 4.8% 11.5º Unfiltered Pils.  
Ärwin's Weizen Gold 4.8% 11.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Mulvany's 5% 12.5º Dark lager.
Malt and pepper aroma; bitter taste with pepper, hop and spice aromas; bitterish finish with pepper, cream and hop aromas.
Quite a hoppy dark lager that, as the name suggests, is pretending to be and Irish ale.
Märzen 5.2% 12.5º Amber lager - Märzen. Seasonal - March.  
Maibock 6% 16.5º Pale Bock. Seasonal.  
Festbier 5.2% 12.5º Pale lager - Export. Seasonal - September.  
Hibernator 7.5% 18.5º Dark Doppelbock. Seasonal - December.  


Holsten Brauerei AG
Holstenstr. 224,
22765 Hamburg.
Postfach 500749,
22707 Hamburg.
Tel.: 040 - 381 010
Fax.: 040 - 381 01222

Annual production: 8,500,000 hl (2001 - whole Holsten group)

Beer alc Description score (100)
Holsten Pilsener 4.8% Pils.  
Holsten Edel 4.9% Pils.
Pepper aromas; bitterish taste with pepper aroma; bitter finsih with grass and hop aromas. A bit one-dimensional, but OK.
Holsten Diät 4.9% Pils.  
Holsten Export 5.4% Pale lager.  
Holsten Maibock 5.4% Pale bock. Seasonal - Spring.  
Holsten Winterbock 7% Dark bock. Seasonal - Winter.  

Germany's largest brewing group. Now part of Carlsberg, though some breweries of the old Holsten group (the König-Brauerei and Licher) have been sold on to Bitburger.

Hövels Hausbrauerei
Hoher Wall 5-7,
44137 Dortmund.
Tel.: 0231 / 91 45 47 0
Fax.: 0231 / 91 45 47 20
Email: info@hoevels-hausbrauerei.de

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Hövels Bitterbier 5.5%   Alt.  

Brewpub owned by Dortmunder Actien Brauerei. They brew various seasonal beers brewed to recipes from the archive.

König - Brauerei GmbH & Co. KG
Friedrich - Ebert - Str. 255 - 263,
47139 Duisburg
Postfach 660140,
47130 Duisburg.
Tel.: 0203 4550
Fax: 0203 4552515

Annual production: 2,300,000 hl (2000)

Beer alc Description score (100)
König Pilsener 4.9% Pils  
Kelts   Alcohol free pils.  

A subsidiary of Bitburger, having been sold on by Holsten after their takeover by Carlsberg.

Königsbacher Brauerei
An der Königsbach 8,
56075 Koblenz.
Tel: 0261 - 13970
Fax: 0261 - 1397 222

Annual production: hl

Beer alc Description
Königsbacher Light & Dry 2.9% Pils.
Königsbacher Pils 4.9% Pils.
Königsbacher Alt   Alt.
Königsbacher Spezial   Pale lager.
Königsbacher Diät Pils    
Königsbacher Zischke   Unfiltered pils. Is available in 3 litre bottles!
Königsbacher Maibock 6.5% Pale bock. Seasonal - Spring.

There is a Brauerei-Ausschank at the same address
Open Mon-Sun 10:30 - open end.
Tel. 0261 - 915650

Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg
Hagener Straße 261,
57223 Kreuztal-Krombach.
Tel.: 02732 - 8800
Fax: 02732 - 880 254
Email: info@krombacher.de

Founded: 1803
Annual production: 5,440,000 hl (2003), 5,518,000 hl (2004)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Krombacher Pils 4.8%   Pils.
Very pale yellow colour with a dense head; resin, lemon and pepper aroma; bitterish taste with grass, resin and butter aromas; bitterish finish with grass, resin and pine aromas.
Bog-standard pils - a bit hoppy, but generally inoffensive. (Bottled version)
Tasted 18.06.2007.
Krombacher Extra Mild 4.8%   Pale lager - Helles. "A beer for those who find beer too bitter" the brewery says. I think you can guess what that means.  
Rhenania Alt 4.8%   Alt. (Brewed in the Brauerei Gebrüder Schweisfurth in Kreuztal-Eichen.)  
Krombacher Weizen 5.3%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer. It says something about changing tastes when one of the major north German Pils brewers launches a Hefeweizen.  

Independent brewery. Germany's biggest-selling beer brand.

year output (hl)
1904 34, 908
1905 39, 908
1939 52,457
1945 20,000
1949 19,000
1967 500,000
1972 1,045,000
1992 3,200,000
1994 4,100,000
2003 5,440,000
2004 5,518,000
Krombacher website

Massener Str. 33-35,
59423 Unna.
Telefon: 02303 - 251 120
Fax: 02303 - 229 32

Founded: 2002
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Linden Hell     Pale lager.  
Linden Dunkel     Dark lager.  
Waldschloss Pils 4.8%   Pils.  
Waldschloss Alt 4.8%   Alt.
Pale brown colour, dense head; cream, biscuit, boiled sweets and dust aromas; bitterish taste with pepper and wood aromas; bitter finish with pepper resin and wood aromas.
A not too offensive industrial Alt. A bit characterless, but drinkable.
Tasted 06.06.2007
Waldschloss Export 5.1%   Pale lager - Export.  

Brewpub. The original brewery closed in 1979 and had its beers contract brewed. A brewpub was started on the original site in 2002 but some of the beers are still brewed elsewhere.

Monheimer Brauerei
Krumstraße 30,
40789 Monheim.
Tel. 02173-95550
Homepage: www.peters-koelsch.de

Annual production: 30,000 hl

Beer alc Description score (100)
Monheimer Kräusen Pils   Unfiltered Pils.  
Monheimer Alt   Alt.  

Brauerei Pinkus Müller
Kreuzstraße 4-10,
48143 Münster.
Tel: 0251 - 451 51 or 451 52
Fax: 0251 - 571 36
Email: info@pinkus-mueller.de

Founded: 1816
Annual production: 23,000 hl (2003)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Müllers Malz 0% 10.8° Malzbier.  
Pinkus Honig Malz 0%   Malzbier.  
Pinkus Leicht 2.8%   Low-alcohol pale lager.  
Müllers Lagerbier     Pale lager - Helles. Organic.  
Pinkus Special 5%   Pale lager. Organic.  
Pinkus Hefeweizen 5%   Unfiltered pale whet beer. Organic.  
Pinkus Original Alt 5.1%   Alt. Unfiltered and organic. Not the usual style of Alt, but a blond lactic acid beer. The last remnant of this style of beer.  
Pinkus Pils 5.2%   Pils. Organic.  
Pinkus Jubilate     Dark lager.  

Independent brewery.

Brauhaus Schacht 4 / 8
Düsseldorferstr 21,
47051 Duisburg.
Tel. 0203 - 281000
Fax: 0203 - 21010
Homepage: www.brauhaus-schacht-4-8.de

Founded: 1995
Annual production: 1,500 hl

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Gruben Gold 4.6% 11.5º Unfiltered pale lager (Helles).  
Ruhr Pott 4.8% 11.5º Unfiltered Pils.  
Ärwin's Weizen Gold 4.8% 11.5º Pale unfiltered wheat beer.  
Mulvany's 5% 12.5º Dark lager.
Malt and pepper aroma; bitter taste with pepper, hop and spice aromas; bitterish finish with pepper, cream and hop aromas.
Quite a hoppy dark lager that, as the name suggests, is pretending to be and Irish ale.
Märzen 5.2% 12.5º Amber lager - Märzen. Seasonal - March.  
Maibock 6% 16.5º Pale Bock. Seasonal.  
Festbier 5.2% 12.5º Pale lager - Export. Seasonal - September.  
Hibernator 7.5% 18.5º Dark Doppelbock. Seasonal - December.  


Brauerei Schwelm
Neumarkt 1,
58332 Schwelm.
Tel: 02336 - 490 80
Fax: 02336 - 490 846
Email: Internet: info@schwelmer.com

Founded: 1830
Annual production: 75,000 hl (2005)

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Schwelmer Alt 4.2%   Alt.
Mid-brown colour, pale tan head; dust and vegetable aroma; neutral taste with vegetable and hop aromas; bitterish finish with milk and vegetable aromas.
Horrible. The worst Alt I've ever had.
Tasted 12.02.2007.
Schwelmer Pils 4.7%   Pils.  
Schwelmer Bernstein 4.8%   Amber lager.
Amber colour with a thin head; celery, dust and pale hop aroma; neutral taste with honey and cardboard aromas; bitter finish with smoke, cardboard and dust aromas.
Full of horrible stale hop aromas. Disgusting. The worst score I've ever given a beer.
Tasted 14.02.2007.
Schwelmer Hefe Weizen 5.2%   Unfiltered pale wheat beer.  
Schwelmer Dunkler Bock 6.5%   Dark Bock. Seasonal.  

Independent brewery.

Privatbrauerei Jacob Stauder GmbH & Co. KG
Stauderstraße 88,
45326 Essen.
Tel: 0049 - 201 36160
Fax: 0049 - 201 3616 133
Email: info@stauder.de

Founded: 1867
Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
tut gut 0% 12º Malzbier.  
Stauder Pils 4.6% 11.3º Pils.  
Stauder Spezial 5% 12.1º Pale lager - Spezial.  
Stern Pils 4.8% 11.3º Pils.  
Stern Export 5.2% 12.1º Pale lager - Export.  
Borbecker Helles Dampfbier 4.8% 11.5º Pale lager - Helles.  

Independent brewery. Still run by members of the Stauder family (6th generation).

Brauerei C. & A. Veltins GmbH & Co.
An der Streue,
59872 Meschede-Grevenstein.
Tel.: 02934 - 9590
Fax: 02934 - 959 493
Email: veltinsinfo@veltins.de
Homepage: http://www.veltins.de/

Founded: 1824
Annual production: 2,372,900 hl (2001)

Beer alc Description score (100)
Veltins Pilsener   Pils.  
Veltins Leicht 2.3% Pils.  

In 1926 decided only to brew pils.

Warsteiner Brauerei
Domring 4-10,
59581 Warstein.
Tel.: 02902 - 88 0
Fax: 02902 - 88 12 99
Email: info@warsteiner.com

Founded: 1753
Annual production: 5,677,000 hl (2000), 5,600,000 hl (2004)

Beer alc Description score (100)
Warsteiner Premium Verum 4.8% Pils.
Tobacco, dust, wood and metal aroma; bitter taste with tobacco, dust and malt aromas; very bitter finish with wood, resin and sourish aromas.
A pils that at least has the required level of bitterness. Rather one dimensional, but I suppose that's what a pils is.
Warsteiner Premium Fresh   Pils. With no alcohol. Mmm.. sounds great. They claim it adheres to the Reinheitsgebot. So it must be good then.  
Warsteiner Premium Light   Pils. With less alcohol.  
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel 4.9% Dark lager. Doesn't appear to be sold in Germany, just in the USA.  

Germany's second largest beer brand (after Krombacher).

Wenkers Brauhaus
Betenstraße 1,
44137 Dortmund.
Tel: 0231 52 75 48
Fax: 0231 52 75 49
Email info@wenkers.de

Annual production:

Beer alc Plato Description score (100)
Wenker's Urtrüb 5% 13º Unfiltered pale lager.  
Wenker's Schwarzbier     Dark lager - Schwarzbier.  

A brewpub on the site of the original Dortmunder Kronen brewery.

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